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Just like any fashion accessory, eyewear trends come and go. Staying on top of seasonal trends can ensure your eyewear game is always on point. Maybe this year’s bold hues are in, or it could be that classic tortoiseshell is making a comeback. Paying attention to these elements can make your reading glasses an extension of your seasonal attire. Here at Eye Eye Design, we do the hard work for you. We are always checking the seasonal changes, styles and fashions that will suit the young, the mature, the fashionistas  and the older adults who use reading glasses.

Men's and women's reading glasses should be fashionable, funky, cool, trendy and fun.

You will find all that you need for your eyewear wardrobe here at our website and on our Funky Readers website

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Eye Eye Design has searched Europe to bring you Design, Style, Colour and Sophistication in reading glasses, so please enjoy the website!

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