Ole brings Ronaldo home

Ole brings Ronaldo  home.

Ole brings Ronaldo home back to Old Trafford where he truly belongs and is loved and adored.

It was a stunning 24 hours of football transfer history.

Ronaldo decides not to play for Juventus anymore and is linked with Manchester City.

Immediately tweets appeared from Manchester United fans urging Ole to bring Ronaldo home.

It was said that the shirt sales alone would pay the transfer fee.

News soon leaked that Manchester City would not pay a transfer fee.

Manchester United acted quickly and agreed the transfer fee and history was made.

An old Trafford legend had returned home.


What next for Ronaldo and Manchester United.

The first thing Ole will have to do is fashion his squad around Ronaldo. He has not come to sit on the bench.

He will be so good for the young Manchester United players. 

No seat in the house will be empty when he plays his first match.

Linking up with his friend Fernande’s and playing along side Pogba exciting days are returning to Old Trafford.

Ole must be so pleased that Ronaldo chose to come home.

Manchester United are now in the running for winning the Premiership and Champions League or am I getting too excited.

The share prices rose by $200 million once the transfer had been confirmed.

With Ronaldo wanting to send his children to an English school he looks set to stay around for some time.


Excitement mounts amongst Ronaldo Fans.

It is not just Manchester United fans that will find Ronaldo`s return exciting.

Any Football fan will love this Roy of the Rovers moment.

Fans across the world will love the romance of the return of a son to his true home after being away so long.

The only talk at the moment centres around Ronaldo in bars and restaurants across the country

Eyeeyedesign and Funky readers welcome home Ronaldo!

I wonder if he wears reading glasses?





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