Christmas shopping gift ideas

Christmas shopping gift ideas.

Christmas is on everybody`s mind once again.

So therefore what do we buy for our loved ones?

A Christmas gift does not have to be expensive because often the thought is more appreciated than the gift itself.


Gifts for Mum

No matter what you buy for Mum she will always appreciate it. However we like to treat one of the most important people in our lives.

Perfume is always a good buy. What woman does not like perfume?

Fragrances are always a sure fire winner.

How about an alternative present ?

Blue tortoise #D izipizi

If your Mum wears reading glasses then all you have to do is find out what strength she is.

Look on the arm when she is not looking.

It will say +1 or another + number.

You can then surprise her with a pair of our IZIPIZI reading glasses that come in 5 different styles and many colours.

Be careful to get the right shape. Look at our product page for a description and size.

She will love them!

Well that is Mum sorted out!

A gift for Dad.

Dads love to be spoilt therefore spoil them!

Aftershave is nice!

Razors are always useful.

Socks are always good.

A bottle of wine goes down nicely.

Your Dad might like reading in the garden in the sun.

Therefore why not buy him a pair of our fashionable sun reading glasses.

Blue Tortoise #E Sun izipizi

IZIPIZI sun provide 100% UV category 3 sun protection and come in reading strengths from +1 to +3.

As a result your Dad therefore gets sun protection, fashion and a cool look.


Gifts for Grandparents.

Do they always lose their reading glasses?

As a result you should buy them a pair of our colourful fun reading glasses.

Because you have bought them they will not want to lose them.


Select from our full range on the website

Having bought for everybody else why not buy for yourself too.

As a result the family can have a ready reader sun and fun Christmas!

Have yourself an IZIPIZI Christmas and see the New Year in clearly.

Ciao for now

Martin and Judith


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