Customer service why it is so important

Customer service why it is so important

Customer service why it is so important. 2018 has been a tough year for all the retail sector so lets look forward into 2019 with a positive attitude.

People like to feel happy and enjoy shopping and it is our job as retailers to ensure it happens and to go the extra mile.

There are a number of ways we can do this but the most important factor that we feel will keep our customers happy is good customer service.

Judith and I are always delighted when we open an email from a customer and it has praise for our customer service.

We are also human and when the email has a complaint it upsets us.

We are so passionate about customer service that we intend to write a number of articles with our personal experiences good and bad and how we are constantly working to improve it. Here is the first.

How to turn a complaint into praise.

The customer has come to you in the first place for a reason, so identify that reason. What was it?

  • The product
  • The price
  • A recommendation
  • Previous purchases
  • Good customer service
  • Quality of product

Ask the customer the question and then put the problem right.

What should we do to put the problem right?

Identification of a problem from a complaint can save your reputation.

For example we offer free shipping option over £35 on eyeeyedesign and on our sister website Funkyreaders.

A customer who had not used us before rang and left a message. She was complaining that she was not getting her free shipping option. We rang her back and told her that we would investigate this.

She was happy to buy the products over the phone and received her free shipping. 

That call revealed a logarithm problem on certain products. When they were bought together they took it unbeknown to us just under £35. We found a problem that we did not know existed and solved it.

Had we not returned the call the problem would still be there.

So a big thank you to that customer!

Please enjoy our websites and continue to purchase our European eye wear products.

If we are falling short in any way please tell us and we will find a way to resolve any issues you may have.

May we wish all our customers suppliers and visitors to our site a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Ciao for now!

Judith and Martin

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