Fashion Reading Glasses

Fashion Reading Glasses

Fashion Reading Glasses should be a marriage of style and quality but as reading glasses are a necessity the designs often tend to be dull and boring. We believe in making a luxury item out of a necessity and stamping them with modernity. Giorgio Armani famously said ” The difference between style and fashion is quality”.

Eye Eye Design believe that IZIPIZI  Doubleice and Sempre Art have achieved this with their collection of fashion reading glasses. But what is the history behind fashion reading glasses….read onFashion Reading Glasses

History of Reading Glasses

The first reading glasses were invented by a monk a called Salvino degli Armati in the middle ages.

These were rivet spectacles and must have been purgatory to wear.

The monks spent many hours a day writing and reading lengthy manuscripts, much like our modern day computer users.

The first sunglasses go back to the prehistoric times where it is said that an Eskimo blinded by the sun`s reflection on the ice carved an aperture in a piece of bone and strapped it over his eyes.

fashion reading glasses

Fashion reading glasses did not truly come to the fore until the 1960s. “Fashion eye wear”was largely undefined and its creators could and would try anything. In this era optical companies threw caution to the wind and designed amazing pieces.

Mass market brands such as Foster Grant, Opti-Ray and Samco set the tone for fashion reading glasses. The market grew bigger than ever.

Foster Grant retained the Geer DuBois advertising agency to devise a campaign that Ad Age magazine would cite as one of the best of the 20th Century.

The ads featured popular celebrities such as Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Julie Christie, Raquel Welch and others behind the Foster Grant frames.

Moving forward into the early 2000’s off the shelf reading glasses became uninteresting affairs especially in the United Kingdom.


Where we began

In 2013 My wife Judith and I were on holiday in Siena in Italy and Judith purchased a pair of velvet fashion reading glasses. We felt that no one was selling fashion reading glasses like these in the United Kingdom.

We decided to trace the supplier in Milan and to start a fashion reading glasses company. We formed Sunnyreaders Ltd later that year and established our 2 websites and later

We now sell our brands of fashion reading glasses across the world.

Ciao for now

Martin and Judith

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