Funky readers European Brands

Funky Readers European brands of reading glasses bring fashion, style, design and quality to the UK. Because of this Funky Readers sell European brands that are sought after throughout Europe and the world.

So lets look at the brands and what they have to offer.

Funky Readers European Brands.

IZIPIZI and Funky Readers

One of the first brands that Funky readers sought to stock was at Macef a trade fair in Milan. At the time in 2013 the brand was called See-Concept Letmesee. The range had 3 styles #A, #B, #C . Strengths were +1-+3 and there were several vibrant colours to choose from. Funky readers agreed to stock the brand and are proud to still be a partner.

Izipizi brand



The brands popularity grew and a bold decision was made to rebrand to IZIPIZI

Because of this IZIPIZI are now a global brand selling family reading glasses sunglasses and sports eyewear. Buy them here or at Funkyreaders

I Need You and Funky readers

In 1993, I NEED YOU was founded by Sabine and Uwe Gellermann to sell European eyewear. They are a a pair of certified master opticians who set out to create high quality frames, reading glasses, sun glasses and sun readers.

Because of this they are now a global German brand that has been selling reading glasses wholesale for many years. They are known for their quality products and European reading glasses styles so you should buy them.

I Need You reading glasses are for men and women that like funky and fashionable so buy them now. I Need you reading glasses include the popular Doktors and award winner  Hangover reading glasses. So have a look and buy them here. We are pleased that we stock their product and because of this we sell them on this website and our sister website Funkyreaders.

i need you reading glasses brand of funky reading glasses

Doubleice and funky readers

Funky readers were approached by Doubleice. The brand is from Treviso near Venice and because they sell high quality fashion reading glasses and eyewear we were pleased with the invitation. They have a fabulous collection of women’s reading glasses that include the Velvet, Moon, Cocktail and Panthera that are full of sexy sophistication. Because of this take a look at them and buy them now.

Doubleice brand of funky readers

Croon and funky readers

At a trip to Silmo in Paris we met 2 young men from the Netherlands who have produced an exciting new brand of reading glasses. The lenses  of some of the glasses are multifocal and screen protection in one. If that is what you need you should therefore take a look at the Bowie and Butterfly.

The collection include the Churchill. You can imagine him cigar and brandy in hand wearing his European Churchill reading glasses. Have a look you will find a colour to suit.

.Croon Reading glasses

Because we hope we have wetted your appetite browse and then buy from the collections.


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