IZIPIZI the field collection

IZIPIZI the field collection

New for autumn and winter 2018 is the field collection of reading glasses from izipizi. Take a walk in the countryside with the new invigorating colours from this collection and feel instantly refreshed.Fashion Reading Glasses



Izipizi for the first time have introduced #A  into their seasonal collection. This is good news for people with a smaller face who in the past have missed out on the new exciting seasonal colours. Mens and womens reading glasses

The frame size for those people who do not know the brand are :

Frame length 127 mm, lens depth 40 mm and temple length 148 mm.

Here are the 3 colours in #A in the field collection.

There are many more exciting colours in IZIPIZI #A full collection

The field collection is available in the following other shapes:

 # C

 # D

 # E

Plant colours and scents are at the heart of this collection


Imagine walking through a Dark Wood and experiencing the smells and cooling touches of the Green MossLook up through the autumn leaves of the tall trees and see the Yellow Ocher of the rising sun peeping through your izipizi reading glasses.

You would be forgiven for thinking you were in a magical forest.

IZIPIZI the field collection

IZIPIZI the field autumn winter reading glasses 2018

  • Dark wood

  • Green Moss

  • Yellow Ocher

Yellow Ocher reminds you of a sunny autumn day.

Dark wood has a deep grey brown look of wood.

Green moss has a crystal moss translucence to it.


All 3 colours are special in their own way and will provide the wearer with a joyful experience. Expect lots of complimentary remarks from your friends in these fabulous unisex reading glasses.



All of the IZIPIZI reading glasses have a soft touch finish that reminds you of the flesh of a peach.

The lens are aspheric which give a flatter reading experience.

Because the hinges are spring loaded they are flexible and provide a comfort fit to the wearer.

Step into Autumn and buy now from this fabulous collection

Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith

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