IZIPIZI were once known as See-Concept. Founded in Paris by 3 designers who developed the Let Me see range of reading glasses. We first saw them at Macef a trade show in Milan in 2013. We were struck by the 3 styles and the 6 colours which was the extent of the range at that time.

We had just set up our own company with the aim to bring fashionable reading glasses to the United Kingdom and we were very excited at the prospect of working with See-Concept.


See-Concept had already won a design award for the See-Concept magnet and it was clear that the company were going to set the world of reading glasses alight.

See-Concept re branded in January 2017 to IZIPIZI and the rest as they say is history!

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Since 2013 the original reading glasses styles of #A #B #C and been extended to 7 shapes and include #D, #E, #F and #G. The range also includes sun readers and sunglasses.

#A is a small round thin frame suitable for a smaller face. It is a cool and trendy shape.

#B is a classic rectangular frame that suits most faces.

#C is a round shape that is chunky stylish and very much a statement piece

#D is a thin frame with an eternal shape and a best seller.

#E is a thin larger rectangular shape that suits larger faces or those that want a cool trendy look.

#F is the new folding reading glasses have a thin round frame and fold into a small pouch convenient for travelling.

#G is the new round super cool look available as sunglasses.



Since 2013 we have stocked the full range of See-Concept now IZIPIZI reading glasses, sun reading glasses and sunglasses.

We are official IZIPIZI stockists and ship worldwide. Please click on the styles above and they will take you to the style on our website where you can buy them here today.

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