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IZIPIZI UK stockist and products

IZIPIZI UK stockist and products can be found here at We are an official online partner. You can buy the full range of reading glasses and sun reading glasses here so buy them now.

The range comes in








Izipizi are high fashion reading glasses designed in Paris and sold worldwide. We offer competitive price, quality, and excellent customer service. We usually will dispatch by Royal Mail signed for service on the day of order and receipt is usually next day.

We have a 30 day returns policy and deal direct on your behalf with IZIPIZI if there are any problems.

We are an online family business situated in Cheshire and travel the country to country fairs and shows throughout the year where we sell the IZIPIZI range.

If you are looking for a product that is out of stock we will arrange to order it for you directly from IZIPIZI.

We have been selling IZIPIZI for over 6 years.

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Doubleice bloom velvet pink peony

Velvet reading glasses for festive season

Velvet reading glasses for the festive season. Designed in Italy our velvet reading glasses come in a stunning range of colours. They are glamorous additions to your party outfits and will take you anywhere.

There are 2 shapes to choose from Doubleice velvet and Doubleice velvet bloom.

velvet reading glassesThe Bloom has a larger frame than the standard velvet. 2 shapes to suit everyone.

Ddoubleice bloom iris blue velvet

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Long arm funky fizz collection

I Wear Funky Fizz Collection

I Wear Funky Fizz Collection.

I Wear Funky Fizz Collection. A new concept in Long arm sunglasses. Summer colours merge with the  modern nouveau design of their long temples therefore providing something original and practical.

The Funky Fizz collection is a new concept in Long arm sunglasses and sun reading glasses from brand I Wear Funky.

Sunnies that will last all summer long. Because the temples are made longer and curve at their ends they  allow you to hang them from your neck or to place firmly on your head when not wearing them.

Funky fizz collection

The Fizz collection colours.

Dive into Spring Summer 2019 with I Wear Funky Fizz and drink in the fabulous taste of fruit cocktail colours.

Start off with Lemon DropA refreshing zingy frame colour with opaque white yellow shaded inner temples. Therefore transport yourself to the Amalfi Coast and start to pick lemons from the trees!

Blue Hawaiian will have you surfing the big waves. With light grey lenses and white blue inner temples they will go with any swim wear or jeans and t-shirt. Wear at the coast or in the city.

Green Lagoon will remind you of the colours of the waters in the cave off the coast of Capri, Translucent and fresh.

Orange Sorbet A real orange fizz to these  sunglasses that would not be out of place in Florida or the Miami Keys. With white light orange temples. Summer will never end in these fab sunglasses.

long arm lemon drop sun reading glasses

Features and sizes of I Wear Funky Fizz

The Fizz Collection all have fab colours and an extra special feature.

The sizes  all in mm:

Frame 140 in length. Depth 40 mm, nose 15mm.

Because the strengths are from +0 to +3.5 therefore giving a range of reading options

Temples are that extra special feature we are all talking about. They are 145 mm in length and curved at the ends therfore allow you to hang them around your neck or place firmly on your head. Because of the length you can pull the frame forward on your nose therefore you can look over the top very easily.

The frames have a soft touch finish therefore providing a comfort fit because of the materials used.

Because the glasses are unisex in shape and colour they can be worn by discerning people of all ages.

Spring and Summer means colour!

Because these are proving so popular make sure you buy these fabulous sunglasses and sun readers before they go! We are the only UK stockist of the brand I WEAR FUNKY and their fabulous FIZZ COLLECTION therefore what are you waiting for..

Priced modestly at £20 therefore buy them now!


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eskimo snow shades

Eye wear Fashion History 1

Eye wear Fashion History 1

Where in eye wear fashion history  do you think the first sunglasses came from? If I said they were made out of necessity by an Eskimo what would you say? It should not surprise you really as we experience how they feel every time we go skiing  or have a fall of snow followed by a sunny day.

There was no plastic or acetate in the prehistoric times.Eskimo`s will have hunted with spears made of flint and bone. Imagine the eureka moment! The Eskimo frustrated by the glare from the sun takes a piece of bone he strikes it therefore causing a slit and carving out the marrow he ties it around his face. Suddenly the brightness is dimmed!

Our first sunglasses are created.

eskimo snow shades

Middle Ages Eye wear fashion history

They are a long way from the modern sun glass and sun reader offered by us in our IZIPIZI range but without that Eskimo where would we be?

Where to next? Well our eyes deteriorate rapidly even today. In the middle ages where candlelight was the only medium with which to read in the dark, they deteriorated even faster.

If you were aged 45 or over and were lucky enough to still be alive your eyesight was shot!

The Clergy who lived in the monasteries of the time were therefore particularly effected as they wrote many of the manuscripts often by candle light.

Salvino Degli Armati is said to be the inventor of the first properly made spectacles. These were rivet spectacles made from steel or any pliable metal and held together by rivets. They must have been so uncomfortable to wear. He was a member of the clergy and lived and worked in the monasteries of the day. Well enough history for now. Please check in on our second part when we will once again be looking at the history of eye wear.

eyewear in the middle ages

In the meantime take a look at our sister website Funkyreaders that has a large selection of European reading glasses sunglasses and sun reading glasses . We guarantee they are not made from rivets. They therefore will be more comfortable than Senor Armati`s- no not senor Armani!!

Check in on how things continued to develop.

Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith

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mothers day gift idea

Mothers Day Gifts Idea

Mother`s Day Gifts Idea

Well it will soon be Mother`s day and what will we be doing to show how much we love one of the most precious persons in our lives! Well we can send our Mother flowers and buy chocolates or we can do something a little different and buy a pair or two of fashionable reading glasses. Its not too late! Look on the temple of that old pair of readers left on the side board and find the correct strength…or ask your Dad!

We have a wonderful array of Spring colours in our Velvet collection from Doubleice. Just look at the colours here: Fuchsia, Yellow, Pink, and Blue to name a few. Your Mother will love them!

Doubleice Velvet Fuchsia
Fuchsia Velvet reading
Doubleice Velvet Yellow
Yellow velvet reading
pink velvet reading glasses
Pink Velvet
Blue velvet reading glasses
Blue velvet

We also stockist of the Brand IZIPIZI so buy them here and thrill your mum on Mother`s Day

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See-Concept becomes IZIPIZI

See-Concept Let Me See

See-Concept Let Me See re branded to IZIPIZI in 2017. People who are looking for See-Concept reading glasses should look here. Nothing has changed except the name.

Conceived in Paris,the shapes and colours that they first started with are still here. Look for them in the IZIPIZI collection. Therefore buy them here!

As original UK stockists of Let Me See now IZIPIZI, we try to stock the full range that is ever growing.

Since the re brand the original #a,#b,#c,#d and#e have now extended to #f, #g, #h and #i.

reading glasses

History of See-Concept Let Me see

Created in 2010. Their secret of success was that they never never stopped innovating and reinventing themselves. They took a leap into the future and changed their name to IZIPIZI. Now they engage with a wider audience. They have developed a benchmark brand which is reflected in our sales around the world.

The See Concept, quality, packaging, colours and energy exist in IZIPIZI in abundance. Nothing has changed except the name.

See-Concept Let Me See is Inventive-Zappy-Ideal-Pulsating-Invigorating-Zingy-Iconic those are just a few words that now describe IZIPIZI.

Next day delivery, FREE POSTAGE in the UK on 2 or more pairs  and a generous returns policy.

#A can be found here.

Navy #A izipizi
See-Concept original colour now #a IZIPIZI

#B is here

Green #B izipizi
See-Concept original colour now#B IZIPIZI

#C look no further


Screen Tortoise #C izipizi
See-Concept original colour now #C IZIPIZI

Those were the 3 original shapes

See the other shapes available here

Lovers of this brand will remember when the team in Paris designed SeeHome. “Reading glasses for seeing close up”. Because they stand in a fixed stand you can use them on your office desk. The Magnification was set at +2.5.

The product also came as a magnet which could be placed on your fridge. The magnification helped with the tiny print on tins and bottles.

The team have come a long way since then.

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IZIPIZI Flash light Collection

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 here now!

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 here now!

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 has arrived! Azure Blue, Flash Lights, Pink Halo and Yellow Chrome star in this fabulous trend setting range.

reading glasses

Continue reading “Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 here now!”

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american express and The guardian feature Funkyreaders

American Express and The Guardian feature Funkyreaders

American Express and The Guardian feature Funkyreaders

American Express and The Guardian contacted Funky readers by email. Judith and I were at Silmo the optical trade show in Paris at the time.

We received a very pleasant surprise.

Natalie Werry the Digital Content Producer at Guardian Labs Australia gave us the good news.

American Express and The Guardian Australia were going to do a feature on Funky readers.

You can read the article below.

Funky readers

Five years ago we set up Sunny readers Ltd with the aim to sell European reading glasses in the UK.

Our first website was . The business grew and because of that we decided to create a second website

Brands on Funky Readers

Funky readers is a boutique containing fabulous European brands. You can buy them here now. They include:

Sempre Art can be purchased here now on this website along with the Venetian brand Doubleice

Sempre Art have 3 styles ROY, ALLEN and ETTORE.

The colours come in blue, red, camo, mustard and black.

Doubleice are designed in Treviso near Venice and are superior light weight reading glasses.

Buy the Velvet collection here now in time for summer with the fabulous bright sunshine colours

reading glasses

You can read the article here


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