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See-Concept becomes IZIPIZI

See-Concept Let Me See

See-Concept Let Me See re branded to IZIPIZI in 2017. People who are looking for See-Concept reading glasses should look here. Nothing has changed except the name.

Conceived in Paris,the shapes and colours that they first started with are still here. Look for them in the IZIPIZI collection. Therefore buy them here!

As original UK stockists of Let Me See now IZIPIZI, we try to stock the full range that is ever growing.

Since the re brand the original #a,#b,#c,#d and#e have now extended to #f, #g, #h and #i.

reading glasses

History of See-Concept Let Me see

Created in 2010. Their secret of success was that they never never stopped innovating and reinventing themselves. They took a leap into the future and changed their name to IZIPIZI. Now they engage with a wider audience. They have developed a benchmark brand which is reflected in our sales around the world.

The See Concept, quality, packaging, colours and energy exist in IZIPIZI in abundance. Nothing has changed except the name.

See-Concept Let Me See is Inventive-Zappy-Ideal-Pulsating-Invigorating-Zingy-Iconic those are just a few words that now describe IZIPIZI.

Next day delivery, FREE POSTAGE in the UK on 2 or more pairs  and a generous returns policy.

#A can be found here.

Navy #A izipizi
See-Concept original colour now #a IZIPIZI

#B is here

Green #B izipizi
See-Concept original colour now#B IZIPIZI

#C look no further


Screen Tortoise #C izipizi
See-Concept original colour now #C IZIPIZI

Those were the 3 original shapes

See the other shapes available here

Lovers of this brand will remember when the team in Paris designed SeeHome. “Reading glasses for seeing close up”. Because they stand in a fixed stand you can use them on your office desk. The Magnification was set at +2.5.

The product also came as a magnet which could be placed on your fridge. The magnification helped with the tiny print on tins and bottles.

The team have come a long way since then.

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IZIPIZI Flash light Collection

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 here now!

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 here now!

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 has arrived! Azure Blue, Flash Lights, Pink Halo and Yellow Chrome star in this fabulous trend setting range.

reading glasses

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american express and The guardian feature Funkyreaders

American Express and The Guardian feature Funkyreaders

American Express and The Guardian feature Funkyreaders

American Express and The Guardian contacted Funky readers by email. Judith and I were at Silmo the optical trade show in Paris at the time.

We received a very pleasant surprise.

Natalie Werry the Digital Content Producer at Guardian Labs Australia gave us the good news.

American Express and The Guardian Australia were going to do a feature on Funky readers.

You can read the article below.

Funky readers

Five years ago we set up Sunny readers Ltd with the aim to sell European reading glasses in the UK.

Our first website was . The business grew and because of that we decided to create a second website

Brands on Funky Readers

Funky readers is a boutique containing fabulous European brands. You can buy them here now. They include:

Sempre Art can be purchased here now on this website along with the Venetian brand Doubleice

Sempre Art have 3 styles ROY, ALLEN and ETTORE.

The colours come in blue, red, camo, mustard and black.

Doubleice are designed in Treviso near Venice and are superior light weight reading glasses.

Buy the Velvet collection here now in time for summer with the fabulous bright sunshine colours

reading glasses

You can read the article here


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customer service

Customer service why it is so important

Customer service why it is so important

Customer service why it is so important. 2018 has been a tough year for all the retail sector so lets look forward into 2019 with a positive attitude.

People like to feel happy and enjoy shopping and it is our job as retailers to ensure it happens and to go the extra mile.

There are a number of ways we can do this but the most important factor that we feel will keep our customers happy is good customer service.

Judith and I are always delighted when we open an email from a customer and it has praise for our customer service.

We are also human and when the email has a complaint it upsets us.

We are so passionate about customer service that we intend to write a number of articles with our personal experiences good and bad and how we are constantly working to improve it. Here is the first.

How to turn a complaint into praise.

The customer has come to you in the first place for a reason, so identify that reason. What was it?

  • The product
  • The price
  • A recommendation
  • Previous purchases
  • Good customer service
  • Quality of product

Ask the customer the question and then put the problem right.

What should we do to put the problem right?

Identification of a problem from a complaint can save your reputation.

For example we offer free shipping option over £35 on eyeeyedesign and on our sister website Funkyreaders.

A customer who had not used us before rang and left a message. She was complaining that she was not getting her free shipping option. We rang her back and told her that we would investigate this.

She was happy to buy the products over the phone and received her free shipping. 

That call revealed a logarithm problem on certain products. When they were bought together they took it unbeknown to us just under £35. We found a problem that we did not know existed and solved it.

Had we not returned the call the problem would still be there.

So a big thank you to that customer!

Please enjoy our websites and continue to purchase our European eye wear products.

If we are falling short in any way please tell us and we will find a way to resolve any issues you may have.

May we wish all our customers suppliers and visitors to our site a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Ciao for now!

Judith and Martin

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trick or treat

Halloween-All Saints day

Halloween-All Saints day

What is Halloween?

Halloween is a celebration in remembrance of the dead. It is celebrated yearly on the evening of October 31st.

A mixture of Christian and pagan customs which began its life as a festival named SAMHAIN which marked the conclusion of the harvest.

Between sunset on the 31st October and sunset on the 1st November the dead are remembered and commemorated.

What is All Saints Day?

Also known as All Hallows day it has its roots in the old English word halig which relates in turn to the German word heiliq meaning holy.

It is celebrated on the evening of the 1st November and is primarily a Christian feast day when the Saints are prayed to.

The following day the 2nd November is All Souls Day. The Christian churches hold a special mass where family members who have departed are prayed for. The prayers continue within the church for the whole of November.


The festival is celebrated around the world although it is not an official holiday. In the US it produces the second highest consumer spending overtaken only by Christmas.

Trick or Treat

Children in the west are accompanied by their parents on Halloween to knock on doors dressed in spooky costumes with a request for a treat. This usually results in the occupier either not answering the door or providing a treat which would usually be a sweet or cake.

trick or treat
Halloween trick or treat

Could it work on All Saints Day?

Wouldn’t be great if children also dressed as Saints and did a Bless and Give requesting items for the  food banks in our country.

Saint Therese
Saint Therese of Lisieux. Bless and Give

The Festive Season

Halloween also marks the beginning of the festive season which runs through to New Years Day.

Bonfire night on the 5th November otherwise known as  Guy Fawkes comes first in the calendar with fireworks and treacle toffee. Watch out for your fillings!

Christmas eve and Christmas day are a special family occasion. We all tend to give our presents out on Christmas day but it used to be a custom to give gifts on Boxing day. Its origins come from a day when a servant would receive the day off and a gift of money from their masters.

Eye wear for the festive season

An original idea for this time of the year might be to buy some festive eye wear for a loved one.

Take a look at our Velvet collection from Doubleice. Wear them on trick or treat night or over Christmas lunch.

doubleice velvet purpledoubleice velvet blue

We have seasonal colours to buy in the IZIPIZI collection. What about Pumpkin Orange!

Well have a great Halloween and we hope that you have enjoyed this potted version of the relevance of this time of year.

Ciao for now!

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charity show



As a result of being an official IZIPIZI stockist we sell IZIPIZI products online and furthermore you will find as at shows based in the areas of  London, Manchester, Birmingham and throughout the UK.

reading glasses


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Don`t leave it too late!

Christmas shopping gift ideas

Christmas shopping gift ideas.

Christmas is on everybody`s mind once again.

So therefore what do we buy for our loved ones?

A Christmas gift does not have to be expensive because often the thought is more appreciated than the gift itself.

However! Continue reading “Christmas shopping gift ideas”

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good looking reading glasses

Reading Glasses part 2

Reading Glasses have become part of modern day life. There are essentially 3 types.

  • Men`s reading glasses.
  • Women`s reading glasses.
  • Unisex reading glasses.

Are they necessary

Fashion Reading Glasses

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izipizi uk stockist




IZIPIZI UK STOCKIST of IZIPIZI reading glasses. what makes us stand out from the other stockists?

  • History
  • Passion
  • Knowledge
  • Customer service
  • Value for money
  • Personal service

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