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New brand K-eyes arrives

New brand K-EYES arrives

New brand K-EYES arrives from St Tropez in Provence. Fashion, design, colour and style are in abundance in this fabulous collection of unisex reading glasses.

New brand K-EYES arrives a family run concern designing and wholesaling French fashion reading glasses for men and women


“Initially, Nasser and Sylvie Kharboutli, entrepreneurs and adventurers, discovered the first colourful and original reading glasses during their holidays in Los Angeles (USA) by the end of the 90s.
They found the idea of making reading glasses a fashion accessory so they decided to import the concept to France.
The couple then had the idea and the desire to create their own style of reading glasses. It is during a trip that they met by chance the person who will go on to make their future eyeglasses. Shortly afterwards they launched their first collection of readers with half-moon frames, polka dots and animal prints. This was the beginning of a great adventure!

New brand K-EYES arrives in 2004

With little money, the couple from the South of France set up their headquarters at their home from where they managed collections, logistics, shipping, orders, sales from their garage…
First distributed to professionals, the brand quickly grown up in pharmacies and opticians in Paris, seduced by all these colorful eyeglasses. The eyewear was very popular and quickly became a success. At the time, there was little competition and ecommerce was still non-existent.

In 2015, the company launched a redesign of its website, by early 2016 it became online merchants “

K-eyes family
K-eyes family
St Tropez Home of New Brand K-EYES
St Tropez Home of New Brand K-EYES



We are sure that you will enjoy wearing K-EYES reading glasses.

They come in strengths +1-+3.5 and in a multitude of colours and styles.

New brand K-EYES arrives with 3 styles. The styles all have a number so we have also christened them with names of Provence towns.


K-29 antibes tortoise orange geometric square reading glasses for men and women
K-29 Antibes  Geometric Tort orange                                                                                                                                            
K21 Marseille
K21 Marseille  tort blue
K-22-Cannes cat eye reading glasses for women
K-22 Cannes cat-eye multicoloured

For other great reading glasses check out our sister website Funkyreaders


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meat loaf rock legend

Meat Loaf Rock Legend

Meat Loaf Rock Legend has gone to rock the halls of Heaven. Meat Loaf is one of the greatest if not the greatest musician and singer of our time. Who can forget the many  anthems that he created. Bat out of hell, I will do anything for love. We will all be cranking up the volume whether at home or in the car and singing along to our favourite Meat Loaf anthem.

May Meat Loaf rock on into eternity! 




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izipizi #A discrete reading

Izipizi #A discrete reading

Izipizi #A discrete reading glasses are made for the smaller face. Cool and trendy,  izipizi #A discrete come in many colours and 5 strengths for reading. +1-+3

When you place these reading glasses on your face you will notice straight away the comfort fit. This is because the material it is made of is a rubberised plastic. The hinges are spring loaded and stretch to the size of your head. The temples fit snuggly around your ears. The lenses are clear and give a good field of vision.

Dimensions are temple length 145mm, frame length 127mm and lens width 40mm.

You will be very satisfied with these super light weight fashion reading glasses.

Called izipizi #A discrete because that is what they are, individually separate and distinct.

A fashion style that was born in Paris and created by 3 friends from college who didn’t like the eyewear worn by many and sought to put it right.

Here you can see two of the many colours available.

izipizi #A kaki reading glassesi
Blue tortoise












 Izipizi #A discrete reading….why you should buy.

  • If you have a smaller face buy #A
  • you want a discrete pair of reading glasses
  • Is quality important?
  • Good comfortable fitting glasses buy
  • Clear lenses giving a good range of vision.

So why not buy #A  now. Hit the button…..

eyeeyedesign reading glasses uk 2021


We have some other great reading glasses on our sister website Funkyreaders

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Help Save our planet

Help Save Our Planet

Help save our planet by considering the consequences of our simple day to day decisions.

We need to make wasting our resources unacceptable in all aspects of our life.  Every product we buy has an environmental footprint and could end up in landfill. The impact of plastic pollution on our oceans is becoming increasingly clear, having drastic impacts on marine life.

Recycling what we can reduces the amount of new materials we are making, and upcycling is a creative way to make old items into something more valuable. This could be reusing a jam jar as a candle holder, or using old tins as plant pots – the possibilities are endless!

Eye eye design and Funky readers are determined to do our bit. We have searched for and found an eco brand of reading glasses. The spectacles are made from 100% recycled plastic or rubber such as found being used  for plastic bottles,  HDPE containers and tyres.

                                      The Brand is Parafina.

“These are the materials we use to create our eyewear. If we hadn’t recycled them, these products would have otherwise ended up in our oceans, burnt into our atmosphere or buried into our land. Now they can serve for a new purpose, which is to give our eyewear some of the amazing characteristics these materials have: flexibility, resistance, lightweight… It’s a win to our planet and a win to our glasses.”

Their impact so far is the use of 3541206 pet plastic bottles. 187506 HDPE plastic bottles and 5046 tyres.

                                          The Power of Giving

Parafina believe in the power of giving and donate 5% of their income to their social project #ParafinaSocialProject. The project gives access to school to primary school children from a small neighbourhood of Asuncion, Paraguay.


                                           Help save our planet.

Maybe when you are considering buying reading glasses you might take a look at this brand. We have introduced 3 styles. SENA, VOLGA and a child’s style ORCA. They have polycarbonate antireflective blue light filter lenses to protect the eyes when using computers and mobiles. Full specifications can be found on the product page.



parafina eco sena volcano red reading glasses
Parafina Sena Volcano Red
parafina volga transparent Morocco eco blue light reading glasses.
Parafina Volga transparent Morocco


                                 Help save our planet.

                  We leave the last words to Parafina

We are a brand of eyewear that believes that it is possible to change the world, if we change the way we look at it.

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Pop art andy black asymetrical sqaure round aptica round square reading glasses

Pop Art Reading Glasses

Pop Art reading glasses cool and crazy square round lens will have people giving you a second look. Are they Square and Round? Yes they are! Make these a must have for the new year.


Pop Art reading glasses are from Belgium brand Aptica.


There are 4 styles:

pop art round square reading glasses from Aptica
Square and Round ? Yes!

Andy black

Donald red

Jim tortoise

Roy Blue

Strengths +1 to +3.5


Lens width 43mm

Nose 28mm

Temple 148mm

The frame has a rubberised finish for a comfortable fit.

The lens:

  • blue light blocking.
  • antireflective blue coating
  • 100% UV light blocking

                         This is what Aptica say about their Reading Glasses

This frame was inspired by the exciting and irreverent Pop Art movement of the mid- to late-1950s. It gained most popularity in countries like United Kingdom and United States of America. This movement marked a return to hard-edged composition and representational art. They used impersonal, mundane reality, irony and parody to “defuse” the personal symbolism and “painterly looseness” of abstract expressionism. We took this inspiration, and created an asymmetric frame that would disrupt the reading glasses market by creating a product that could otherwise be considered “mundane” into a unique and functional piece of art.

The Pop Art Glasses are bifocal or plano eyewear that come equipped with Blue Light Filter so you can read books and e-books any way you like! Each spectacle comes with a personalised box, including a soft pouch.

Enjoy our  ready reading glasses, because quality reading is a choice.

I think you will agree that these are really funky and out there. Do you dare wear them? Of course you do. You can sit at home at your computer screen looking geeky or be adventurous and walk the walk in the streets of your town.

We hope you will browse the collection and enjoy wearing Pop Art Reading Glasses.

For more cool glasses have a look at eyeeyedesign and our other website Funkyreaders

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Readig glasses united kingdomFunky readers European brands

Reading glasses UK

Reading Glasses UK

Reading glasses United Kingdom are for men and women who suffer Long-sightedness. Cool and trendy reading glasses new to the UK can be found here.

The United Kingdom does not tend to manufacture them. It is more the domain of China and Taiwan. The materials used are generally plastic or acetate. The lens type vary. The standard should be an aspheric lens which provides a flatter viewing experience.

Usually different shapes sizes and strengths are available for men and women. When looking at a pair of  glasses you will need to know the length of the frame, temple and lens to find a pair that will fit you.

The second and equally important essential is the strength of magnification that is needed. The dioptres generally go up in 0.5 steps but can be found in 0.25 strengths also.

Retailers in the United Kingdom will stock +1 -+3 magnifications.

To find your reading strength you would be best advised to go and have an eye test at your opticians.

Once that is done the worlds your oyster. Choose your style and colour of cool and trendy readers. Do you have a favourite brand ?

reading glasses united kingdom velvet fashion reading glasses italy
Doubleice Italian fashion reading glasses
reading glasses united kingdom for presbyopia cool and trendy
I Need You German branded reading glasses
reading glasses united kingdom izipizi global brand for men and women
Izipizi unisex reading glasses from Paris

Reading glasses United Kingdom Brands.

Although the UK do not manufacture we do import and have our own Brands.

Funkyreaders is a United Kingdom trade marked brand selling its own and European brands. Its sister website is eyeeyedesign.

You can find the following quality fashion brands on our websites:

Why buy from us.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Always available to give advice on sizes strengths and styles. Just ring us on 07984457786.

Free postage on orders over £35 in the UK shipped the same day of purchase worldwide.

We have a no quibbles returns policy.

Our reading glasses are made from quality materials and there should not be a fault but if there is we will replace them at no cost to you.

So come and have a look at our collection


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Brand doubleice UK stockist

Brand Doubleice UK Stockist

Brand Doubleice UK stockist

As Brand Doubleice UK Stockist let us introduce you to Doubleice and the people behind it. Fashion style quality 3 ways to describe Doubleice.

Doubleice are situated in Treviso in Northern Italy not far from Venice.

It is a brand that has been created by women for women.

We are pleased to be one of the few stockists of this fabulous brand in the UK.


Brand Doubleice- the history.

Established in 2005 by Raffaella Lizambi.

She was an architect with worldwide experience in the fashion and industrial design fields.

 A passion for eyeglasses of which she has an important collection.

In the 80`s Raffaella met Rinaldo, the son of Osalco Montaban.

He was an Italian fighter plane pilot.

Founder of the biggest Italian producer of eyeglass components.

And so technology merged with fashion and Raffaella married Rinaldo.

Over the time it was noticed that the reading glasses worn were always the same.

She saw this as a  surprising trend in an area neglected by the big manufacturers.

Because of this she saw it was a territory to be explored and set out in order to find new solutions.

Raffaella thus produced her first collections.

Inspired by her archives, a treasure chest of styles, eras and models emerged.

The female part of the Monalban family took over and as a result brand Doubleice was born.

This company run by women was now led by daughter Matilde because she had a vision for the future.

Because of this she encapsulated perfectly the past, present and future of an enterprise that boasts unique traditions and know how.


Brand Doubleice today

If you are looking for the WOW factor to put into your eyewear wardrobe this is the brand for you. We would like to introduce to you two of their styles of reading glasses.


Brand Doubleice UK stockist Panthera and Bloom Velvet


The Panthera are anything but funny, but that is maybe the Italian sense of humour.

Be transported to the fashion streets of Milan in these WOW Panthera oversized reading glasses. 

There is no where to hide when wearing them so wear them with a swagger.

Panthera come in 4 fabulous colours.  Turtle , Sage Green, Grey and Violet.

If you like oversized frames or have a larger face  then you should consider buying these.

Frame 150 lens depth 55 and temples 145

Dioptres +1-+3

panthera doubleice sage christmas gift idea greenwomens reading glasses designed by women

doubleice panthera turtle christmas gift idea.Doubleice panthera grey womens glasses from italy

Brand doubleice uk stockist panthera violet reading glasses uk stockist panthera sage green reading glasses green

Brand Doubleice UK stockist.

Bloom Velvet

If you like velvet you are going to love these cool trendy reading glasses.

Bloom Velvet from Doubleice are bright sexy and fun and are designed in Italy for discerning people everywhere so buy them now.

About the glasses

Bloom velvet reading glasses have a wow factor.

Their frames and high gloss temples make them stand out in a crowd.

These are “hello I am here” reading glasses that will turn heads.


The frame size is 140 mm in length,  lenses are 40 mm in depth and temples are 14o mm in length.


These frames are made of  poly carbonate with a velvet finish and the lenses are aspheric and because of this give a flatter lens and a better reading experience than cheaper reading glasses.

Why you should buy them.

This is Italian design and fashion at its best. Velvet  shouts fun and festivity.

The glasses come in a presentation box with a clear zip bag and a textile velvet pouch for easy carrying.

Here are  6 colours you should see so lets take a look.

Doubleice bloom velvet pink peony reading glasses
Pink Peony
Brand doubleice uk stockist bloom black rose velvet women's reading glasses
Black Rose


doubleice bloom red rose italian velvet reading glasses
Red Rose
Brand Doubleice UK stockist
Poppie Red



Brand Doublice UK stockist velvet Ivy designer Italian reading glasses
Bloom Velvet Ivy




brand doubleice uk stockist bloom iris blue velvet reading glasses
Iris blue

Take a look at the Velvet collection where you can buy velvet reading glasses which are smaller framed than the Bloom.


Brand Doubleice UK stockist for more styles look here.


For more great brands take a look at our other website Funkyreaders


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Don`t leave it too late! Christmas gift ideas 2021

Christmas gift Ideas 2021

Christmas gift Ideas 2021

So what Christmas gift ideas 2021 do you have that your loved ones will adore. Reading glasses may not sound sexy but WOW look at the velvets made for the festive season and beyond.

doubleice bloom black rose velvet women's reading glasseschristmas gift ideas 2021Doublice velvet Ivy designer Italian reading glasses

These are Bloom Velvet reading glasses from Doubleice and will make a perfect Christmas gift for 2021.

The velvet range of reading glasses have taken off in the UK and we are proud to be a partner of Doubleice.

Doubleice are a company run by women designing reading glasses for women in Treviso in Northern Italy.

The frame has a luxurious velvet fabric and glossy matching temples.

These are serious fashion reading glasses for discerning women.


Frame 135mm

Lens 45mm

Temples 140mm

Strengths +1-+3

Buy them now before they go, as these glasses fly out.

For more great reading glasses visit our sister website funkyreaders

Christmas Gift ideas 2021 would not be complete without a real Fashion Item in your loved ones stocking.

Check out Panthera. Oversized Italian reading glasses for fashionable women. They come in 4 colours and strengths +1-+3

panthera doubleice sage christmas gift idea greenwomens reading glasses designed by womendoubleice panthera violet reading glassesdoubleice panthera turtle christmas gift idea.Doubleice panthera grey womens glasses from italy









Well that is the Christmas gift idea 2021 for the lady in your life sorted out. What about the men?


Christmas gift ideas 2021 for men.

Men often look for practical and useful items. We sell the brand I Need You from Germany and in 2020 they won a design award for their hangover reading glasses.

The glasses have longer temples (165mm)which allow you to hang them literally from your neck when not using them to read with. The frames (139mm) fit securely around the face and side of the head and will not slip off as some readers do.

The Blue brown is a very popular colour so buy it now while stocks last.

hangover neck reading glasses blue brown 165mm temple



If your man likes Fashionable reading glasses and has a smaller face then take a look at Doktor New.

doktor new reading glasses christmas gift ideas 2021

Doktor new reading glasses tortoise orange for cool men and trendy women
Doktor New Tort Orange
Doktor New Blue-Blue cool reading glasses
Doktor New Blue-Blue








130mm frame length

40mm lens depth.

Nose 15mm

Temples 130 mm.

+1-+3.5 in magnification strengths

Presented in a soft leatherette case with a stud fastener.

I hope that you now have some alternative Christmas gift ideas for 2021

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Readig glasses united kingdomFunky readers European brands

Funky readers European Brands

Funky Readers European brands of reading glasses bring fashion, style, design and quality to the UK. Because of this Funky Readers sell European brands that are sought after throughout Europe and the world.

So lets look at the brands and what they have to offer.

Funky Readers European Brands.

IZIPIZI and Funky Readers

One of the first brands that Funky readers sought to stock was at Macef a trade fair in Milan. At the time in 2013 the brand was called See-Concept Letmesee. The range had 3 styles #A, #B, #C . Strengths were +1-+3 and there were several vibrant colours to choose from. Funky readers agreed to stock the brand and are proud to still be a partner.

Izipizi brand



The brands popularity grew and a bold decision was made to rebrand to IZIPIZI

Because of this IZIPIZI are now a global brand selling family reading glasses sunglasses and sports eyewear. Buy them here or at Funkyreaders

I Need You and Funky readers

In 1993, I NEED YOU was founded by Sabine and Uwe Gellermann to sell European eyewear. They are a a pair of certified master opticians who set out to create high quality frames, reading glasses, sun glasses and sun readers.

Because of this they are now a global German brand that has been selling reading glasses wholesale for many years. They are known for their quality products and European reading glasses styles so you should buy them.

I Need You reading glasses are for men and women that like funky and fashionable so buy them now. I Need you reading glasses include the popular Doktors and award winner  Hangover reading glasses. So have a look and buy them here. We are pleased that we stock their product and because of this we sell them on this website and our sister website Funkyreaders.

i need you reading glasses brand of funky reading glasses

Doubleice and funky readers

Funky readers were approached by Doubleice. The brand is from Treviso near Venice and because they sell high quality fashion reading glasses and eyewear we were pleased with the invitation. They have a fabulous collection of women’s reading glasses that include the Velvet, Moon, Cocktail and Panthera that are full of sexy sophistication. Because of this take a look at them and buy them now.

Doubleice brand of funky readers

Croon and funky readers

At a trip to Silmo in Paris we met 2 young men from the Netherlands who have produced an exciting new brand of reading glasses. The lenses  of some of the glasses are multifocal and screen protection in one. If that is what you need you should therefore take a look at the Bowie and Butterfly.

The collection include the Churchill. You can imagine him cigar and brandy in hand wearing his European Churchill reading glasses. Have a look you will find a colour to suit.

.Croon Reading glasses

Because we hope we have wetted your appetite browse and then buy from the collections.


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i need you reading glasses brand of funky reading glasses

I Need You German reading glasses arrive

German reading glasses

German reading glasses arrive!  We are pleased to be able to entice you with this brand of I Need You reading glasses from Hamburg. Men and women  we believe will love this collection . Below you can see the Oxford, Cambridge and Doktor New which are part of the I Need You range. Because they are new to our website we expect that they will sell quickly so you should buy them now!



Cambridge Havana black redaing glasses
Cambridge Tort Black
Cambridge havana matt reading glasses from Germany
               Tortoise Cambridge


oxford tortoise reading glasses
       Tortoise Oxford
oxford anthracite
          Anthracite Oxford
Blue-Blue Doktor New
cool trendy reading glasses
Tort Turquoise Doktor New
 tortoise orange for cool German men and trendy women
Doktor New Tort Orange




funky tortoise german reading glasses
Tortoise Doktor New

















Discreet and stylish reading glasses

Muted colours in matte as well as shiny and a clear shape characterizes the classic but trendy look of our CAMBRIDGE German reading glasses. Because of this it is discreet and very stylish. The high level of this I NEED YOU  is  comfortable to wear because of the practical flex hinges. To keep them always protected we provide a colour-matching soft case. CAMBRIDGE German reading glasses are available in 2 colours tortoise and tortoise and black. Because of the variety of dioptre strengths available you can choose which strength suits you best. The strengths are from + 1.00 dpt. to + 3.00 dpt. in steps of 0.50 dpt


“Limitless enjoyment of reading” with these retro glasses

DOKTOR New is reinterpreted to the  long-standing successful model DOKTOR and it is available in single-colour or two-colour design. These beautiful German reading glasses from I NEED YOU are very comfortable and lightweight because of the thin plastic rim combined with spring hinges. You should choose from 6 exciting and appealing colours. Because DOKTOR New is equipped with a matching soft case it will protection your glasses. Strengths are available  from + 1.00 dpt. to + 3.00 dpt. in steps of 0.5. Because of this you can choose the magnification that feels comfortable.


Discover the OXFORD from I NEED YOU German reading glasses that make a statement. Because these matte plastic frames hold a large lens shape, trendy keyhole bridge and decorative rivet they exude absolute nonchalance. OXFORD has a flexible fit because it has  metal spring hinges and is pleasantly lightweight. OXFORD can be ordered in 2 neutral shades including a case so you should buy them now! Magnification comes in various dioptre strengths and because of this you can chose a strength that suits you. Dioptres are from + 1.00 dpt. to + 3.00 dpt. in steps of 0.5.

Enjoy these stylish glasses from Hamburg.

Check out our sister website funky readers for more great styles of reading glasses

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Fizz sun reading glasses sale £20 down to £15

Sale on Sun Readers

Sale on Sun Readers

Sale on sun readers. It may be autumn but the sun still makes an appearance. By way of a promotion we have a sale on sun readers from the Fizz Collection reduced from £20 to £15.

The Fizz Collection is a Funky Readers own brand of sun readers that we had designed and made specifically for us. You cannot buy these sun readers anywhere else in the UK.

The sun readers have a speciality to them. They have longer arms than other sun reading glasses.

Sun Readers with long arms.

Why have we designed sun readers with longer arms? The answer lies with a product that we sell on Funkyreaders called Hangovers

The German brand I Need You supply us with a collection of “Hangover glasses” These reading glasses have long temples. They are very popular with our customers.

We were asked repeatedly about  sun glasses in that style. And now as a result here they are.

We have 4 vibrant colours in the sale of sun readers Fizz collection.

The frames all have colour and the temples are a contrasting white which sets off the sun readers.

Made in a soft peach like rubberised finish these sun readers are very comfortable when wearing them.

Their long arms fit snuggly around the head and wont fall off. When you don’t need them to read with they can either fit firmly on your head or hang a round your neck. Never lose your sun readers again.

Strength of our sales sun readers are  +0 as a sun glass and strengths +1-+3.5 in sun reading. Because of this you can buy various strengths depending on what you want them for.

The sun lenses are category 3 aspheric giving 100% sun protection for your eyes whilst in the sun.

Measurements of our sale of sun readers are as follows:

Frame size 140 mm

Lens depth 40 mm

Temples 160 mm

So why not take advantage of our sales of sun readers promotion and buy them now.

sun readers sale fizz collection

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reading glasses united kingdom for presbyopia

Reading Glasses for Presbyopia

Reading glasses for presbyopia

Reading glasses are like ageing you cant stop the march of time and a time will come when you will need reading glasses its presbyopia.

This is nothing to worry about.

This condition presbyopia usually starts in your 40`s and is a change in the lens in the eye and makes it more difficult to see close up and smaller print.

As we get older the condition can worsen. If you are at all concerned you should make an appointment to see your optician.

In most people there is no problem other than long sightedness

This problem can usually be solved by non prescription reading glasses.

The strength of the magnification will increase with age but it is likely that you start with a low power in your 40`s and end up with a higher power in your 60`s.

You can buy non prescription glasses  of all strengths on our website.



The powers readily available vary from +1 to +3.5 and will increase in steps of +0.5 dioptres.

You can usually find the strength on the arm of the glasses or on the lens.

+1 is the weakest strength of magnification and +3.5 the highest.


Typically by age 40 to 50 year olds might need strengths +1-+1.5.

Age 51 to 55 +1.5 to +2

56-60 +2

61-65 +2.5 -+3

You should generally try them on before buying to ensure they are not too strong for you.

If for instance you thought you needed a +2 and it felt blurry go back to a weaker strength say +1.5.

The strengths should be comfortable on your eyes and give clear magnified vision.


You should also consider  buying a number of different strengths depending on what you need them for.

For instance you might normally be a +1.5 but do close up needle work and would benefit from a stronger magnification say +3..

If you do a lot of computer work consider buying computer screen reading glasses. They will give you magnification and protection from 40% of the blue light.

You can buy screen  Reading glasses for Presbyopia here.

Once you have decided on your strength the next step is to choose a frame.



A person with a smaller face would suit reading glasses that have a small frame that was either round or rectangular

If you have an oval shaped face a larger round frame  of reading glasses might be right for you.

For larger faces a classic rectangular  or a trapezium shape might suit you.



Some people like a simple but practical ready reader. Something that you can take on and off and are robust. We sell a brand called I Need You from Hamburg that have a style called hangovers , that are unisex glasses.


They are called hangovers not because they give you one but they have longer arms that give a comfortable and secure fit around your face.

also because of the  longer arms you are able to hang them from your neck when not wearing them to read.


If you like fashion then we would recommend 2 brands of reading glasses Izipizi from France and Doubleice from Italy.


If you want cheap and ordinary ready readers you can find them at any supermarket. We are not cheap and boring but we are also not expensive so buy here.. We sell fashion brands from Europe and the UK. The reading glasses we sell are good quality and durable and help with presbyopia. Another reason for you to buy here.


We have a no quibbles returns policy of 28 days. Purchases are despatched the same day by Royal Mail 1st class signed for therefore usually providing a next day delivery. There are no postage charges for purchases over £35 in the UK. We ship worldwide providing tracking number. So if you are looking for reading glasses please shop here.

For more great styles head to our sister website funkyreaders


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