Fashion Sun Glasses

Fashion Sun glasses for men and women

Fashion sun glasses for men and women come in many styles brands and colours. Our brands include:


Doubleice  are fashionable cool and trendy.

Designed in Italy for discerning people everywhere.

About the glasses

These will take you to the Italian Riviera.

Moon is an oversized frame.

Cocktail is a medium sized round frame.

Bridge is a design masterpiece.


The frames are made of  poly carbonate and come with spring hinges to provide a comfortable fit.

The lenses are either grey or slightly mirrored dependent on the style.

They will give category 3 100% UV sun protection.

Why you should buy them.

This is Italian design and fashion at its best and shouts summer.

The glasses come in a presentation box with a clear zip bag and a textile cloth pouch for easy carrying.

The collection are one of several designs of fashion sun glasses from Venetian based Doubleice that we sell on our website.


izipizi fashion sun glasses for men and women. Look good on the beach in these izipizi cool shades that offer style and chic

With dioptre strengths from +0-+3 these are not just shades they are also reading glasses that will give 100% UV category 3 protection for your eyes.


I Wear funky sun.

I Wear Funky design is a new concept of fashion sun glasses and accessories that are classic stylish and fun. You can buy “Design” 1 and 2 readers and sun readers here now. Our new “Fizz” collection of Long arm hangers has now arrived.

See the Longarm sun readers in 4 great colours.

The temples are longer than most  glasses which allows you to hang them from your neck when not wearing them on your face.

Dioptre strengths +0-+3.5

Choose your strength and comfortably read with your fashion glasses which will give you 100% category 3 protection for your eyes.

Browse the collection here.

Check out Funkyreaders for more great brands

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