izipizi glasses by colour

izipizi glasses by colour allows you to look at all the styles and shapes of glasses in any one colour. Then decide which izipizi glasses suit.

So lets get started.

There are 7 shapes of Izipizi glasses that we stock. They are reading glasses made for people who suffer from long sightedness.

We stock strengths +1-+3 in all styles.

So what  izipizi glasses by colour do we stock?

Some colours do not spread across all of the izipizi styles but generally you will find something to suit in a style to suit.

Black. A classic that can be worn for work and will never let you down in that important business meeting.

Blue tortoise. This is a favourite colour and one of izipizi glasses best sellers. They are bright and fun with a blue speckle running through the tortoise shell.

Green Crystal. Imagine a walk through a grassy field and you will begin to understand this vibrant izipizi  colour.

Green Tortoise. A green speckle runs through the tortoise shell. Buy these if you like an alternative to plain tortoise shell.

Kaki Green. You can hear the roar of the jungle when wearing this retro shade. Great with jeans and a T shirt.

Light tortoise . Just what it says on the tin.

Navy. Another classic. Sail the 7 seas !

Red. You wont see red in these izipizi glasses, but you will make a statement in this bold shade.

Tortoise. The eternal iconic shade that is most peoples turn to colour.

From time to time there will be other colours that become available so keep a look out.

Enjoy choosing izipizi glasses by colour.