Mens reading glasses need not be boring.

We have put together here a striking range of mens reading glasses. You will find many styles and colours.

Strengths come in +1-+3

All the glasses are made from quality materials and lens.

Brands from across Europe.

Here are 2 brands that are very popular.


izipizi have a collection of different shaped reading glasses  that are represented alphabetically. Because of this you are sure to find a shape to fit you.

#A is a small discrete frame which would suit smaller faces.

Temples 145mm length 127mm  lens 40mm

#B is a classic rectangular shaped frame.

Temples 139 mm length 137mm and lend 40mm

#C has a retro look and is quite a statement piece of eyewear

Temples 143mm length 137mm and lens 40mm

#D a best selling shape that is iconic. A larger round frame than #A

Temples 140mm length 137mm lens 48mm

#E a trapezium shape which is suitable for  larger faces or if you like oversized reading glasses.

Temples 142mm length 140mm lens 46mm

#F are folding  glasses that can be placed into its small pouch and carried in the pocket.

Temple 127mm length 138mm and lens 46mm.


A brand that are fashionable and practical. you will like the Bowie style of  reading glasses because they have multifocal lens that allow distance and reading in one lens. They also have screen protection and because of this they filter out 40% of blue light from your computer.

We are sure you will find a pair  to suit you in our collection so have a browse and buy your glasses here.

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