Reading Glasses part 2

Reading Glasses have become part of modern day life. There are essentially 3 types.

  • Men`s reading glasses.
  • Women`s reading glasses.
  • Unisex reading glasses.

Are they necessary¬†

Fashion Reading Glasses

The middle ages

The monks in the middle ages were among the first to wear glasses.

They were not the fashionable specs of today. Theirs were round and made of metal which they perched on their noses.

The monks needed them for their laborious work writing lengthy manuscripts by candle light.

Many famous figures throughout history have worn them. Napoleon Bonaparte wore them at the battle of Waterloo.

Do they help?

As people grow older their near vision can deteriorate and reading newspapers or documents can become difficult especially in poor light.

People are amazed at the difference that a magnification can make to their reading experience.

Strengths of magnification

The strengths of magnification for reading are a +, whilst for distance they are a -.

For reading the standard magnification begins with a +1 and will increase by .25 and then .50 and then +2 etc.

An optician will be able to test a persons eyesight and prescribe the magnification needed for reading (+) and for distance (-).


The lenses are important. Buying cheap reading glasses can be a bad idea. The curvature of some lenses in the cheaper version can give a bad reading experience and strain the eye.

The more reliable lenses are called Aspheric. These lenses will be flatter and will give a more even reading experience.


The frames for glasses tend to be mass produced in the far east and are made from poly carbonate or from acetate which is a form of plastic.

Size and shape

It is important when choosing your reading glasses that you get the size and shape right for you face.

You will often see on the arms mysterious numbers and wonder what they mean. An example might be 140 x 40 x 140.

Usually the first number will be the length of the frame, so in our example it would be 140 millimetres.

The second number will be the depth of the lenses so that that would be 40 millimetres.

The last number is the length of the temple. By that we mean the length of the arm, so 140 millimetres.

You might also see the letters PD. These relate to pupil distance.

Can a necessity ever be a luxury

Well Yes!

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I hope that this article has been of use to you.

Ciao for now Martin and Judith


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