Reading glasses the funny side.

Reading glasses the funny side

Reading glasses have a funny side to them.

How do you know carrots are good for your eyes?

Because you never see rabbits wearing reading  glasses

The optician just took my glasses from me to repair them. They said they can fix it in 5 minutes.

I can’t see it happening.

Do you know that If Covid 19 has forced you or a loved one to wear a mask with your reading  glasses that you may be entitled to condensation.

An old man went to an eye specialist to get his eyes tested and asked “Doctor, will I be able to read after wearing glasses?”

Yes of course, said the doctor, why not!
“Oh How nice it would be, I have been illiterate for so long”.

On a more serious note

People come to a time in their lives when they can  become longsighted and will have to consider the less than funny option of having to wear reading glasses.

The optician will give you an eye test and examine your eyes for any more serious problems. 

If you need glasses then your prescription will detail your reading dioptre strength.

They usually are in 0.5 increments in strength. Most reading glasses on the market provide strengths from +1 to +3.5

Now you have your strength what do you choose and where do you buy them from?

Ready readers can be found in most shops but tend to be cheap and nasty. If you want something that you want to throw on and off your face then they are fine.

If you want a quality pair of reading glasses then you may have to look further.

There are many types and styles of reading glasses- coolfashiondesigner-funky etc

Decide what you want to wear. You will have to ensure that the frames will fit your face size and shape.

Colour may also be important to you.

We have a large range of reading glasses that are stylish fun and funky to choose from.

Visit our website and browse our collection.

We have a sister site Funkyreaders where you can find more brands of reading glasses for men and women.

Leaving on a funny note : I went into a sandwich shop and asked ” Can I buy a bagel with cream cheese” The shop keeper looked at me and said” No we only take cash”

Ciao for now!


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