Sale on Sun Readers

Sale on Sun Readers

Sale on sun readers. It may be autumn but the sun still makes an appearance. By way of a promotion we have a sale on sun readers from the Fizz Collection reduced from £20 to £15.

The Fizz Collection is a Funky Readers own brand of sun readers that we had designed and made specifically for us. You cannot buy these sun readers anywhere else in the UK.

The sun readers have a speciality to them. They have longer arms than other sun reading glasses.

Sun Readers with long arms.

Why have we designed sun readers with longer arms? The answer lies with a product that we sell on Funkyreaders called Hangovers

The German brand I Need You supply us with a collection of “Hangover glasses” These reading glasses have long temples. They are very popular with our customers.

We were asked repeatedly about  sun glasses in that style. And now as a result here they are.

We have 4 vibrant colours in the sale of sun readers Fizz collection.

The frames all have colour and the temples are a contrasting white which sets off the sun readers.

Made in a soft peach like rubberised finish these sun readers are very comfortable when wearing them.

Their long arms fit snuggly around the head and wont fall off. When you don’t need them to read with they can either fit firmly on your head or hang a round your neck. Never lose your sun readers again.

Strength of our sales sun readers are  +0 as a sun glass and strengths +1-+3.5 in sun reading. Because of this you can buy various strengths depending on what you want them for.

The sun lenses are category 3 aspheric giving 100% sun protection for your eyes whilst in the sun.

Measurements of our sale of sun readers are as follows:

Frame size 140 mm

Lens depth 40 mm

Temples 160 mm

So why not take advantage of our sales of sun readers promotion and buy them now.

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