izipizi reading #D Navy


Unisex eye wear for discerning men and women.


izipizi #D navy reading glasses. The #D shape are the most sought after in the collection. Ideal to wear in the office or out socially.

The classic design provides fashion style and sophistication to the wearer and suits most peoples faces.

Navy #D izipizi

izipizi #D navy reading glasses are unisex reading glasses for discerning men and women.

The frames are lightweight, flexible and of a superior quality.

Sizes in mm : Frame length 137, lens depth 46, temple length 141.

Soft touch rubber finish with spring hinges for a comfort fit that will adapt to all face shapes.

The strengths available are+1 +1.5 +2 +2.5 +3

 IZIPIZI  reading glasses are available in a wide range of colours.

CE certified.

I think you might agree that izipizi #d Navy are full of colour fashion and style. Wear them with a favourite outfit. They will take you anywhere. Fashionable chic and fun ready readers.

See the izipizi collection here

Wear izipizi #D Navy reading glasses for work or play.

There are more fabulous colours in the #D style. There is black, blue tortoise, green, green tortoise, kaki, red and tortoise.

Why do people need izipizi #D navy reading glasses.

As we get older we can develop long-sightedness. The consequence of this is that we can not see close up as well as we could. We need some magnification. Reading glasses are the answer to this problem. However a lot of off the shelf glasses can be very boring, They should be fashionable stylish and fun. Izipizi range of fashion reading glasses are just that. buy izipizi #D navy  here.

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Brands include Croon with their multifocal and screen glasses. You will find Churchill Bowie and Neville styles.

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Check them out you wont be disappointed.

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