Bowie Havana Brown multifocal


Multifocal screen reading glasses  for discerning men and women.


Reading glasses Bowie screen.

 Reading glasses Bowie screen are also multifocal  giving you close up and distance vision and computer screen protection for men and women.

The multifocal  lens also filter out 40% of the blue light from your computer.

Spring hinges therefore giving a comfortable fit to most face shapes.

Attractive packaging and a felt case.

Dimensions in mm: Frame length 140, bridge 15, lens depth 45 and temple length 140.

Strengths +1 to +3 therefore provide a number of magnification options.

Men and women will appreciate the quality and style at affordable prices.

No quibble returns policy.

Croon  Glasses is a young and flexible brand that was created by a lack of reading glasses and sunglasses for a fair price that were also fashionable and modern and were quality and design led. The result: Croon Glasses!

Croons goal?

To ensure that men and women can wear nice glasses for every occasion that match their outfit and personality, making them feel more comfortable and confident.

We agree with them and believe Croon bowie screen reading glasses for men and women do that.

Quality croon reading glasses

This is what Croon say

“For us, quality is one of the most important components when developing a frame. You often put glasses on and off, they are a real utensil, which often damages them. Our frames are sturdy, flexible and, where possible, have spring-loaded temples so that our reading glasses never become wide.

Affordable prices

“Because we determine the design of the glasses ourselves and have them produced, we can keep costs low. Our recycled felt pouch is a nice extra that you get with all our glasses; free and good for the environment”


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Glasses for men or women that are multifocal. Attractive and practical

Multifocal lenses allow you to see close up for reading and have distance vision too!

Blue filter lenses that take away 40% of the blue light from your computer screen.

Dimensions in mm: Frame length 140, bridge 15, lens depth 45 and temple length 140.

Priced £18.00


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