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izipizi #A discrete reading

Izipizi #A discrete reading

Izipizi #A discrete reading glasses are made for the smaller face. Cool and trendy,  izipizi #A discrete come in many colours and 5 strengths for reading. +1-+3

When you place these reading glasses on your face you will notice straight away the comfort fit. This is because the material it is made of is a rubberised plastic. The hinges are spring loaded and stretch to the size of your head. The temples fit snuggly around your ears. The lenses are clear and give a good field of vision.

Dimensions are temple length 145mm, frame length 127mm and lens width 40mm.

You will be very satisfied with these super light weight fashion reading glasses.

Called izipizi #A discrete because that is what they are, individually separate and distinct.

A fashion style that was born in Paris and created by 3 friends from college who didn’t like the eyewear worn by many and sought to put it right.

Here you can see two of the many colours available.

izipizi #A kaki reading glassesi
Blue tortoise












 Izipizi #A discrete reading….why you should buy.

  • If you have a smaller face buy #A
  • you want a discrete pair of reading glasses
  • Is quality important?
  • Good comfortable fitting glasses buy
  • Clear lenses giving a good range of vision.

So why not buy #A  now. Hit the button…..

eyeeyedesign reading glasses uk 2021


We have some other great reading glasses on our sister website Funkyreaders

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i need you reading glasses brand of funky reading glasses

I Need You German reading glasses arrive

German reading glasses

German reading glasses arrive!  We are pleased to be able to entice you with this brand of I Need You reading glasses from Hamburg. Men and women  we believe will love this collection . Below you can see the Oxford, Cambridge and Doktor New which are part of the I Need You range. Because they are new to our website we expect that they will sell quickly so you should buy them now!



Cambridge Havana black redaing glasses
Cambridge Tort Black
Cambridge havana matt reading glasses from Germany
               Tortoise Cambridge


oxford tortoise reading glasses
       Tortoise Oxford
oxford anthracite
          Anthracite Oxford
Blue-Blue Doktor New
cool trendy reading glasses
Tort Turquoise Doktor New
 tortoise orange for cool German men and trendy women
Doktor New Tort Orange




funky tortoise german reading glasses
Tortoise Doktor New

















Discreet and stylish reading glasses

Muted colours in matte as well as shiny and a clear shape characterizes the classic but trendy look of our CAMBRIDGE German reading glasses. Because of this it is discreet and very stylish. The high level of this I NEED YOU  is  comfortable to wear because of the practical flex hinges. To keep them always protected we provide a colour-matching soft case. CAMBRIDGE German reading glasses are available in 2 colours tortoise and tortoise and black. Because of the variety of dioptre strengths available you can choose which strength suits you best. The strengths are from + 1.00 dpt. to + 3.00 dpt. in steps of 0.50 dpt


“Limitless enjoyment of reading” with these retro glasses

DOKTOR New is reinterpreted to the  long-standing successful model DOKTOR and it is available in single-colour or two-colour design. These beautiful German reading glasses from I NEED YOU are very comfortable and lightweight because of the thin plastic rim combined with spring hinges. You should choose from 6 exciting and appealing colours. Because DOKTOR New is equipped with a matching soft case it will protection your glasses. Strengths are available  from + 1.00 dpt. to + 3.00 dpt. in steps of 0.5. Because of this you can choose the magnification that feels comfortable.


Discover the OXFORD from I NEED YOU German reading glasses that make a statement. Because these matte plastic frames hold a large lens shape, trendy keyhole bridge and decorative rivet they exude absolute nonchalance. OXFORD has a flexible fit because it has  metal spring hinges and is pleasantly lightweight. OXFORD can be ordered in 2 neutral shades including a case so you should buy them now! Magnification comes in various dioptre strengths and because of this you can chose a strength that suits you. Dioptres are from + 1.00 dpt. to + 3.00 dpt. in steps of 0.5.

Enjoy these stylish glasses from Hamburg.

Check out our sister website funky readers for more great styles of reading glasses

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reading glasses the funny side.

Reading glasses the funny side.

Reading glasses the funny side

Reading glasses have a funny side to them.

How do you know carrots are good for your eyes?

Because you never see rabbits wearing reading  glasses

The optician just took my glasses from me to repair them. They said they can fix it in 5 minutes.

I can’t see it happening.

Do you know that If Covid 19 has forced you or a loved one to wear a mask with your reading  glasses that you may be entitled to condensation.

An old man went to an eye specialist to get his eyes tested and asked “Doctor, will I be able to read after wearing glasses?”

Yes of course, said the doctor, why not!
“Oh How nice it would be, I have been illiterate for so long”.

On a more serious note

People come to a time in their lives when they can  become longsighted and will have to consider the less than funny option of having to wear reading glasses.

The optician will give you an eye test and examine your eyes for any more serious problems. 

If you need glasses then your prescription will detail your reading dioptre strength.

They usually are in 0.5 increments in strength. Most reading glasses on the market provide strengths from +1 to +3.5

Now you have your strength what do you choose and where do you buy them from?

Ready readers can be found in most shops but tend to be cheap and nasty. If you want something that you want to throw on and off your face then they are fine.

If you want a quality pair of reading glasses then you may have to look further.

There are many types and styles of reading glasses- coolfashiondesigner-funky etc

Decide what you want to wear. You will have to ensure that the frames will fit your face size and shape.

Colour may also be important to you.

We have a large range of reading glasses that are stylish fun and funky to choose from.

Visit our website and browse our collection.

We have a sister site Funkyreaders where you can find more brands of reading glasses for men and women.

Leaving on a funny note : I went into a sandwich shop and asked ” Can I buy a bagel with cream cheese” The shop keeper looked at me and said” No we only take cash”

Ciao for now!


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izipizi #C reading glasses retro and a fshion statement Parisian chic

izipizi #C reading glasses

izipizi #C reading glasses.

izipizi #C reading glasses fashion and style on your face. These retro specs don’t take prisoners.  Add #C to

your reading glasses collection. They are a bold fashion statement.

Measurements and strengths of izipizi #C reading glasses

Frame size 137 mm. Temple 143 mm.

Dioptre strengths +1-+3

Izipizi describe their #C reading glasses  as ” High quality, light weight, comfortable reading glasses:

 flexible arms, rubber texture… essential for everyday life”

Men or women can wear these unisex trendy spectacles.


Colours available

The izipizi brand across the whole of their range have exciting colours to adorn the frames.

You will find the following staple colours to choose from.


Blue tortoise.

This is a very popular colour with its blue speckle tortoiseshell design.

You can wear them for work or play.

With a suit or jeans and a t shirt.

Blue tortoise will take you anywhere and will attract attention to the wearer.



A classic colour that will stand out in these retro ready readers.


You can almost imagine setting sail for sea. This colour will go with any outfit.


Kaki Green

Head for the jungle in this colour. You can almost hear the lions roar!



Red is said to be the new black. Whatever the truth is this colour will make you stand out from the crowd.


Green crystal

Fashion and vogue marry together with this fresh green frame. It will transport you to the countryside!


No collection would be complete without a tortoiseshell. Classic smart and loved by many.

#C chunky trendy fashionable and chic. Parisian creation that will be part of izipizi history for a long time to come. 

Izipizi once SeeConcept have retained one of their original classic shapes. Well done!


Buy izipizi  here!

eyeeyedesign are a izipizi UK stockist

Check out our sister website Funkyreaders for more great brands

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reading glasses and corporate fraud

Reading glasses what do they have to do with corporate fraud?

Reading glasses what do they have to do with corporate Fraud?

Reading glasses what do they have to do with corporate fraud?

Well the answer is that in my previous life before I began selling reading glasses I advised on corporate fraud  and I have decided to publish one of my articles  to highlight the dangers of corporate fraud.

“The higher you go up the business ladder, the more likely you are to encounter corporate dishonesty.

The murky waters can soon engulf the unwary, warns criminal defence lawyer and reading glasses retailer Martin Cunningham.

Reading the corporate fraud Dilemma

It’s an everyday dilemma that all honest business people hope will never happen to them.

Someone with a position of power in an organisation that your company does business with takes you for a quiet drink and asks for a ‘backhander’.

Perhaps the request comes from someone who exercises control over a big contract.

The future jobs of half your workforce could rest on the successful outcome.

It becomes clear that the customer is not playing games.

He wants tens, even hundreds of thousands of pounds and suggests when, where and how he’d like paying.

What do you do?

The answer, in black and white terms, is that you must stick to ethical principles.

Obtaining money through deception is a crime and facilitating it makes you an accessory to crime.

This is one example of corporate fraud in action.

Reading glasses companies are not exempt from Corporate fraud.

Reading the problem can be difficult.

In some business sectors and overseas territories these standards and values simply don’t apply.

What is considered normal in UK corporate  business as a whole and many developed Western countries, may be exceptional elsewhere.

Let’s face it, in some parts of industry and many parts of the globe, including reading glasses companys illicit ‘commission’ and elaborate ‘gifts’ – or bribes – are an intrinsic part of the business and political scene.

I have known cases where expensive cars, watches, houses, boats and even funds to cover the cost of a divorce were quoted as the price of getting a smooth ride to contractual completion.

When this happens, it’s honest people with no experience of these matters who find it difficult to deal with the situation they find themselves in.

They know that if they get it wrong the contract, their own career or even their business is probably on the line.

If they succumb they’re acting illegally and risk having to face the consequences.

Trying to share the problem with trusted associates or colleagues is fraught with risks, too.

Trust can soon evaporate into a cloud of suspicion that is difficult, or impossible, to disperse.

Superiors have been known to advise middle-managers ‘don’t bring me problems – bring me solutions’ rather than risk being implicated in the mess or damage to the business.

Seeking help

One answer is to seek help from someone within your company.

Someone with a known talent for fixing such problems.

Someone with a suitably phlegmatic and worldly approach?

Perhaps he can talk face-to-face with someone at the highest level in the opposing camp and blow the whistle on the fraudster?

Unfortunately, there is no certainty that this will either salvage the contract or cause the offending head to roll.

Business life is not always that simple.

Corporate fraud and bribery

The personal shortcomings of financially productive people are sometimes conveniently overlooked,,

Especially in countries where able managers are hard and expensive to find.

There may be bigger fish to fry – or a different agenda.

Bribery is a very complex problem with significant legal, ethical and social implications.

With the probability of awkward taxation or money laundering questions being raised.

To make matters worse, in some parts of the world senior managers receive relatively poor pay.

This is on the explicit understanding that they will normally receive ‘consultancy fees’ from suppliers.

Usually paid into an off-shore trust or untraceable off-shore bank account.

Reading glasses corporate fraud and history of trade.

History of trade and commerce is littered with mechanisms to ‘express gratitude’ to those who have advanced the interests of a supplier.

At a legitimate level there are of course agency fees and sales commissions.

There are percentages and bonuses (not to mention gifts, entertainment and less tangible forms of corporate largesse).

However when the recipient is clearly in the customer’s employ, ‘gratitude’ reads ‘bribe’ to most western eyes.

When the purchaser happens to be an officer of a government or state institution it is even worse.

Deriving an illicit pecuniary advantage from the awarding of contracts strikes a blow at the very foundations of democracy, fairness and social responsibility.

But then, finding a continuous stream of orders to optimise assets and occupy a large, expensively trained workforce and satisfy shareholders in a competitive world involves heavy responsibilities, too, doesn’t it?

The bigger the sums involved, the more complex the issues become.

Second thoughts

Even the most honourable, hardworking and principled business people may have second thoughts when the contract in question has a string of noughts on the bottom line.

An additional margin may have been built into the original price structure to cover ‘unforeseen contingencies’.

To protect profitability, so no real damage would result from the additional ‘expenditure’.

This is another example of how reading corporate fraud can be difficult.

Home market corporate fraud

In the home market, it’s not unknown for influential buyers to have businesses, usually run by their spouses or relations.

They can exist solely to receive virtually untraceable favours, in the form of seemingly legitimate sales transactions.

The difficulty is always that such ‘fronts’ never compete fairly.

They exist to provide over-priced supplies that mask what are, in fact, corrupt transactions.

There are scores of such dodges and wheezes.

they can range from free holidays at the boss’s luxurious Marbella retreat to bars of gold bullion mysteriously finding their way into Swiss banks.

Ethical Crossroads

People who find themselves at the ethical crossroads can be divided into two camps.

The majority are well-intentioned, ambitious but slightly naïve owner-managers or executives.

Driven by the wish to see their business or career flourish – but who lack the moral rectitude to resist the rewards of a seemingly victimless white-collar crime.

They are the ones most likely to stumble and get caught.

Then there are the ‘doers’ whose ambition and greed has defined their ethical stance from the outset.

For them, corruption is just one of the ways things gets done in a tough world.

They’ve learnt how to be suspicious and cunning – and to cover their tracks.

Climbing the ladder

Everyone who wants to climb the ladder of business success will almost certainly reach an ethical crossroads at some point in his or her career so it’s a good idea to decide your philosophical position well in advance and prepare your response.

Many of my clients could be classed as sound, capable business people who’ve found themselves in this dilemma and hesitated to reflect on the full implications of the improper proposal put to them.

In the murky world of givers and takers, he who hesitates is presumed to be a soft touch. Vacillation is construed as acquiescence.

Wheels of corporate corruption

The wheels of corruption begin to turn almost before the unwary realise they’ve been entrapped.

Once this cycle has begun it’s doubly difficult to reverse it.

If you reject unethical approaches, you run the risk of the disappointed cheat accusing you of wrongdoing anyway – even though your hands are clean.

In either case, with careers, livelihoods, the completion of a contract or even the survival of a business in the balance, the most vigorous legal defence is appropriate.

In Britain, at least, you’re innocent of bribery and corruption until you’ve been found guilty in a court of law.

I hope the article Reading glasses corporate fraud has been of  interest and informative.

Martin Cunningham is a leading criminal lawyer and member of numerous recognised bodies and panels associated with fraud and fraud investigation.

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reading glasses men women

Reading glasses men and women

Reading glasses men and women.

Long sightedness comes to us all at some times in our lives.

Reading glasses  men and women have been around a long time.

It might surprise you to learn that they have a fascinating history going back over 2000 years.

The first reading glasses owe much to the clergy in the middle ages. They spent their days in monasteries writing manuscripts and as now in those days eyesight would deteriorate around the age of 45.

Spectacles were an Italian invention ( wouldn’t you know! ) by a monk called Salvino degli Armati- no not Armani!.

These were rivet spectacles which must have been so uncomfortable unlike the modern reading glasses for men and women that our German designer I Need You have brought us today.

Another interesting fact is that Eskimo`s produced the first sunglasses.

In prehistoric times it is said that an Eskimo blinded by the glare of the sun on the snow carved an aperture in a piece of bone and strapped it over his eyes. A eureka moment if ever there was one and sunglasses were invented.

They are a long way from the modern sunglasses and sun reading glasses offered by us in our IZIPIZI range of men’s and women’s reading glasses.

The modern age has seen the birth of branded eyewear. We have a number of Brands that we sell. Here are some of them.:

  1. Izipizi from Paris
  2. Doubleice from Italy
  3. I Wear Funky from England
  4. I Need You from Germany

European reading glasses always seem to have the edge and that is why we decided to seek them out on our travels and bring them back to the UK.

Browse our European branded eyewear and we are sure you will find something to suit you.

So if you are looking for reading glasses men women look no further.

shop now eyeeyedesign

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izipizi colour uk stockist products

IZIPIZI UK stockist and products

IZIPIZI products UK stockist  can be found here at eyeeyedesign.com. We are an official online partner. You can buy the full range of izipizi reading glasses and sun reading glasses here so buy them now.

The range comes in








Izipizi products UK stockist provide high fashion reading glasses designed in Paris and sold worldwide.

As a stockist we can offer competitive price, quality, and excellent customer service.

Glasses usually will dispatch by Royal Mail signed for service on the day of order and receipt is usually next day.

There is a 30 day returns policy and deal direct on your behalf with IZIPIZI if there are any problems.

We are a UK online family business situated in Cheshire and travel the country to country fairs and shows throughout the year where we sell the full range.

If you are looking for an izipizi product that is out of stock we will arrange to order it for you directly.

We have been an IZIPIZI products UK stockist for over 6 years.

Check out Funkyreaders for more great brands


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Doubleice bloom velvet pink peony reading glasses

Velvet reading glasses for festive season

Velvet reading glasses for the festive season. Designed in Italy our velvet reading glasses come in a stunning range of colours. They are glamorous additions to your party outfits and will take you anywhere.

There are 2 shapes to choose from Doubleice velvet and Doubleice velvet bloom.

velvet reading glassesThe Bloom has a larger frame than the standard velvet. 2 shapes to suit everyone.

Ddoubleice bloom iris blue velvet

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See-Concept becomes IZIPIZI

See-Concept Let Me See

See-Concept Let Me See re branded to IZIPIZI in 2017. People who are looking for See-Concept reading glasses should look here. Nothing has changed except the name.

Conceived in Paris,the shapes and colours that they first started with are still here. Look for them in the IZIPIZI collection. Therefore buy them here!

As original UK stockists of Let Me See now IZIPIZI, we try to stock the full range that is ever growing.

Since the re brand the original #a,#b,#c,#d and#e have now extended to #f, #g, #h and #i.

reading glasses

History of See-Concept Let Me see

Created in 2010. Their secret of success was that they never never stopped innovating and reinventing themselves. They took a leap into the future and changed their name to IZIPIZI. Now they engage with a wider audience. They have developed a benchmark brand which is reflected in our sales around the world.

The See Concept, quality, packaging, colours and energy exist in IZIPIZI in abundance. Nothing has changed except the name.

See-Concept Let Me See is Inventive-Zappy-Ideal-Pulsating-Invigorating-Zingy-Iconic those are just a few words that now describe IZIPIZI.

Next day delivery, FREE POSTAGE in the UK on 2 or more pairs  and a generous returns policy.

#A can be found here.

Navy #A izipizi
See-Concept original colour now #a IZIPIZI

#B is here

Green #B izipizi
See-Concept original colour now#B IZIPIZI

# C look no further


Screen Tortoise #C izipizi

See-Concept original colour now #C IZIPIZIThose were the 3 original shapes

See the other shapes available here

Lovers of this brand will remember when the team in Paris designed SeeHome. “Reading glasses for seeing close up”. Because they stand in a fixed stand you can use them on your office desk. The Magnification was set at +2.5.

The product also came as a magnet which could be placed on your fridge. The magnification helped with the tiny print on tins and bottles.

The team have come a long way since then.

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izipizi spring summer 2021

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 here now!

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 here now!

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 has arrived! Azure Blue, Flash Lights, Pink Halo and Yellow Chrome star in this fabulous trend setting range.

reading glasses


Let`s get to know the colours and styles:

Light Azure

Light Azure #D izipizi

Clear blue skies melt into the azure blue of the Mediterranean sea. Be swept away and float in the warmth of summer. Be inspired as the artists and authors were.

Reading glasses that are classic stylish fashionable and fun therefore giving you everything you expect from IZIPIZI.


Flash Lights

Flash lights #D izipizi

Intoxicating cocktail of vibrant citrus and blue colours burst out in these multi coloured frames. They encapsulate all of the colours in the new season Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection in one frame.

Because of the soft colours in the Flash Lights you can wear any number of outfits.

Your face is the most important part of your body therefore wear beautiful eye wear! Be seen, be admired.

Flash Lights will keep you in the spotlight!

Pink Halo

pink halo #D izipizi

A heavenly colour that the angels would be proud to wear. Yes even angels wear IZIPIZI. Designed in Paris sold in Manchester and now worn in Heaven!

A subtle pink. Evening cocktails, a menu before dinner, therefore dress in a soft bright outfit. See clearly in these eye catching reading glasses!

You don`t have to be an angel to wear them so have fun!

Yellow Chrome

yellow chrome #D izipizi

Don`t blame it on the Sunshine, moonlight, good times, blame it on the boogie!

Get on down with IZIPIZI Yellow Chrome. The last but not the least of the four fabulous colours in the IZIPIZI FLASH LIGHTS Collection.

Because of the casual colour wear them with jeans and jumper, in the town or at the coast.

Yellow Chrome #D IZIPIZI will therefore keep you in the Flash Lights throughout the year.


IZIPIZI Flash Lights can be purchased here in the following styles:

Light Azure #A

Light Azure # D

Flashlight #A

Flashlight #D

Pink Halo #D

Yellow Chrome #D


We are an official UK stockist of IZIPIZI and have stocked the full range since 2013. You can find all the styles, shapes and colours here on our website so shop here please! Ciao for now Martin and Judith!!

reading glasses

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Don`t leave it too late! Christmas gift ideas 2021

Christmas shopping gift ideas

Christmas shopping gift ideas.

Christmas is on everybody`s mind once again.

So therefore what do we buy for our loved ones?

A Christmas gift does not have to be expensive because often the thought is more appreciated than the gift itself.


Gifts for Mum

No matter what you buy for Mum she will always appreciate it. However we like to treat one of the most important people in our lives.

Perfume is always a good buy. What woman does not like perfume?

Fragrances are always a sure fire winner.

How about an alternative present ?

Blue tortoise #D izipizi

If your Mum wears reading glasses then all you have to do is find out what strength she is.

Look on the arm when she is not looking.

It will say +1 or another + number.

You can then surprise her with a pair of our IZIPIZI reading glasses that come in 5 different styles and many colours.

Be careful to get the right shape. Look at our product page for a description and size.

She will love them!

Well that is Mum sorted out!

A gift for Dad.

Dads love to be spoilt therefore spoil them!

Aftershave is nice!

Razors are always useful.

Socks are always good.

A bottle of wine goes down nicely.

Your Dad might like reading in the garden in the sun.

Therefore why not buy him a pair of our fashionable sun reading glasses.

Blue Tortoise #E Sun izipizi

IZIPIZI sun provide 100% UV category 3 sun protection and come in reading strengths from +1 to +3.

As a result your Dad therefore gets sun protection, fashion and a cool look.


Gifts for Grandparents.

Do they always lose their reading glasses?

As a result you should buy them a pair of our colourful fun reading glasses.

Because you have bought them they will not want to lose them.


Select from our full range on the website

Having bought for everybody else why not buy for yourself too.

As a result the family can have a ready reader sun and fun Christmas!

Have yourself an IZIPIZI Christmas and see the New Year in clearly.

Ciao for now

Martin and Judith


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