Valentines day gift ideas

Valentines day gift ideas. Its izipizi to pick a gift for your valentine. Roses are red and violets are blue just take a look at the Flash lights in pink and blue!

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Valentines day gift ideas

Valentines day is one of those occasions that you miss at your peril. Your loved one has spent all day preparing a romantic dinner, bought a beautiful greetings card and carefully packaged a gift for you. Have you forgotten? Well if you have it`s not too late!

5 facts about St Valentines day

  • 150 million greeting cards are exchanged each year.
  • The St Valentine who inspired the day may have been 2 different men.
  • St Valentine is the patron saint of beekeepers and epilepsy
  • St Valentines Skull can be found in Rome
  • Chaucer may have invented St Valentines day

Who was St Valentine.

There are a number of different St Valentines recorded in history. All of them were martyred.

Two are said to be responsible for the romance of the day.

In the 3rd Century during the reign of Claudius II a young priest defied the Emperors edict. No men were to marry at any cost. The men were made for war not romance. This St Valentine performed secret wedding services for young lovers. He was caught and executed.

A more murky tale is of a St Valentine who whilst imprisoned fell in love with a young girl who was the jailers daughter and wrote a letter addressed and signed “From your Valentine” a term that we still use today.

Back to Romance.

The table is set, the champagne bubbles are flowing in the glass, a delicious sea food platter adorns the table.

Music fills the air. Time to open that Valentine day gift! What will it be?

Present time.

For your Valentines day gift idea. The IZIPIZI collection Flash Lights is all about fun and colour so what better gift than a pair of your loved ones favourite reading glasses. Buy them here:

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Have a great St Valentines day with your loved one!

Ciao for now Martin and Judith.

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