IZIPIZI Flash Lights collection

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 collection arrives with UK stockist. Flash bang and wallop the new IZIPIZI Flash Lights Collection will amaze you. Colours include Flash lights a cocktail of intoxicating summer colours.

Flash Lights include bits of all the colours in the range therefore providing everything in one fabulous frame.

Flash lights #D izipizi






Light Azure is a cool colour that sweeps you to the Riviera.

Blue Azure #D izipizi

Yellow chrome will sooth you.

yellow chrome #D izipizi

Pink Halo is heavenly.

pink halo #D izipizi
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These trendy reading glasses come in styles #A and #D and therefore will suit our customers who love those styles.

Do not forget to look at the new #I sunglasses. Because of the new aviator shape both men, women,boys and girls will want to be seen in them this summer.

Spring Summer 2019 will be bright, jolly and fun with the Flash Lights collection therefore buy the new collection from IZIPIZI UK stockist eyeeyedesign.com

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