Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses -at some time during our lives we all need them. Eye Eye Design make a necessity into a luxury item that you will want to wear.

reading glasses


Our reading glasses are sourced from Europe.

You will find famous brand names from the world of fashion here on our website.


IZIPIZI reading glasses are from Paris. Designed by a young team of modern designers.

They creating a frame for each face type.

You will find seven styles namely #a,#b,#c,#d,#e,#f and #g on our website.

Sempre Art Studio

Sempre Art Studio  reading glasses are from Florence. The designs are influenced from the world of cinema, architecture, art and fashion. Look at the Allen, the Roy and the Ettore.

Reading glasses created by Double ice. Look for the velvet collection or the bridge collection. Fashion, fun and colour can be found in this innovative brand.

The first reading glasses were worn by the monks

In the monasteries in the middle ages the monks were constantly reading manuscripts in poor light and found that their eyesight deteriorated badly.

An Italian monk named Salvino degi Armati invented the first pair of spectacles, they were metal and were held together by rivets.

Edward Scarlett.

The first spectacles were round in shape and made to perch on your nose. They had no arms.

In the 18th century a London optician named Edward Scarlett developed the first temple arms.

The form and shape of modern day spectacles began to take shape.


Napoleon was short sighted and wore scissor reading glasses all the rage at the time in France.

Cinema and music have iconic images of famous people wearing round glasses.

Remember Groucho Marx and John Lennon.

Have a look at the fabulous brands here on our website and put the smile back on your face.


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