IZIPIZI Sun Reading Glasses

IZIPIZI Sun Reading Glasses come in 5 shapes and many different colours.

They have a soft touch finish to their cool and trendy frames.

The lenses give 100% UV category 3 sun protection to your eyes.

They have flexible temples to give a firm comfortable fit.

IZIPIZI SUN has 5 shapes :

#C which is a chunky shape.

#D which is a round classic shape.

#E is a large rectangular shape suitable for a larger face.

All the above are available as a sun reader.

The strengths are 0, +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5, and +3

#F are the new folding sunglasses. They are round in shape and fit into a small pouch. They are easy to carry when travelling.

#G are a completely round lens. They look like the type of sunglasses John Lennon may have worn.


IZIPIZI Nautic are polarised sunglasses.

These sunglasses are a large shape that will suit both men and women.

Wear them doing water sports or sailing.

The polarised lenses will keep out the glare of the sun

Sun protection

IZIPIZI sun reading glasses and sun glasses provide 100% category 3 UV protection.

Like your skin, your eyes also need protection from the strength of the sun.

Wearing sunglasses will help provide that protection as long as they have adequate protective lenses.

Types of lenses used by IZIPIZI

The sun reading glasses lenses are grey.

IZIPIZI mirror lenses are either blue or green.

Nautic sun glasses have polarised lenses.

All the products in this range will provide fashion and style to the wearer.

IZIPIZI frames.

The frames are all polycarbonate and come in a multitude of colours.

The hinges are spring loaded and will stretch to fit the contours of the head.

Make a statement on the beach or in the city!

The colours range from a cool Black to a stunning Red.

If you want a really out there colour go for the #C blue tortoise mirror

Izipizi sun reading glasses

Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith

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