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eskimo snow shades

Eye wear Fashion History 1

Eye wear Fashion History 1

Where in eye wear fashion history  do you think the first sunglasses came from? If I said they were made out of necessity by an Eskimo what would you say? It should not surprise you really as we experience how they feel every time we go skiing  or have a fall of snow followed by a sunny day.

There was no plastic or acetate in the prehistoric times.Eskimo`s will have hunted with spears made of flint and bone. Imagine the eureka moment! The Eskimo frustrated by the glare from the sun takes a piece of bone he strikes it therefore causing a slit and carving out the marrow he ties it around his face. Suddenly the brightness is dimmed!

Our first sunglasses are created.

eskimo snow shades

Middle Ages Eye wear fashion history

They are a long way from the modern sun glass and sun reader offered by us in our IZIPIZI range but without that Eskimo where would we be?

Where to next? Well our eyes deteriorate rapidly even today. In the middle ages where candlelight was the only medium with which to read in the dark, they deteriorated even faster.

If you were aged 45 or over and were lucky enough to still be alive your eyesight was shot!

The Clergy who lived in the monasteries of the time were therefore particularly effected as they wrote many of the manuscripts often by candle light.

Salvino Degli Armati is said to be the inventor of the first properly made spectacles. These were rivet spectacles made from steel or any pliable metal and held together by rivets. They must have been so uncomfortable to wear. He was a member of the clergy and lived and worked in the monasteries of the day. Well enough history for now. Please check in on our second part when we will once again be looking at the history of eye wear.

eyewear in the middle ages

In the meantime take a look at our sister website Funkyreaders that has a large selection of European reading glasses sunglasses and sun reading glasses . We guarantee they are not made from rivets. They therefore will be more comfortable than Senor Armati`s- no not senor Armani!!

Check in on how things continued to develop.

Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith

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IZIPIZI UK stockist you can buy the full range on our website. Just ring us on 07984457786 if you have any queries,

As an  IZIPIZI UK STOCKIST what makes us stand out from the crowd?

  • History
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UK delivery is by 1st class Royal mail Signed for service.

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Fashion Reading Glasses


How Eye Eye Design started and became an izipizi uk stockist

In 2013 whilst on holiday in Siena browsing the many fabulous shops and boutiques in this medieval city Judith spotted a pair of velvet reading glasses.

Lunch on the square

Over a lovely lunch we decided that we would set up a reading glasses company in the UK . Our first step was to track down the supplier of the reading glasses.

izipzi uk stockist

Tracking down the supplier

On the frame of the velvet reading glasses was the brand name. We traced the supplier to Milan and made an appointment to go and see them.

At the meeting we bought our first batch of reading glasses.

Seeking new brands we travelled to visit the European trade shows and now we are an official IZIPIZI UK stockist.

Macef 2013

Macef 2013 was a gift trade fair in Milan. We had gone to the show looking for inspiration and had trawled the show all day and found nothing.

Having gone back into the centre of Milan we spotted a brand called Baci in a shop in The Galleria. That brand had been at Macef .

galleria milan

On our return to Macef we spotted a small stand with a display of colourful reading glasses called See Concept.

See Concept LetMeSee 

The brand IZIPIZI originated as See Concept. It had 3 shapes and 6 colours.

  • # A a small round shape
  • # B a rectangular shape
  • # C a square round shape

see concept

After a discussion with the representative  we purchased our first order.

Customers can now buy this product on our website. Our next step was to sell at shows throughout the UK

We like to think that we were an important part of the growth of the brand in the UK. In 2015 we set up a separate website eyeeyedesign.com to stock the full range.

Fashion Reading Glasses


Ciao for now !

Martin and Judith.

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