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Reading glasses UK

Reading Glasses UK

Reading glasses United Kingdom are for men and women who suffer Long-sightedness. Cool and trendy reading glasses new to the UK can be found here.

The United Kingdom does not tend to manufacture them. It is more the domain of China and Taiwan. The materials used are generally plastic or acetate. The lens type vary. The standard should be an aspheric lens which provides a flatter viewing experience.

Usually different shapes sizes and strengths are available for men and women. When looking at a pair of  glasses you will need to know the length of the frame, temple and lens to find a pair that will fit you.

The second and equally important essential is the strength of magnification that is needed. The dioptres generally go up in 0.5 steps but can be found in 0.25 strengths also.

Retailers in the United Kingdom will stock +1 -+3 magnifications.

To find your reading strength you would be best advised to go and have an eye test at your opticians.

Once that is done the worlds your oyster. Choose your style and colour of cool and trendy readers. Do you have a favourite brand ?

reading glasses united kingdom velvet fashion reading glasses italy
Doubleice Italian fashion reading glasses
reading glasses united kingdom for presbyopia cool and trendy
I Need You German branded reading glasses
reading glasses united kingdom izipizi global brand for men and women
Izipizi unisex reading glasses from Paris

Reading glasses United Kingdom Brands.

Although the UK do not manufacture we do import and have our own Brands.

Funkyreaders is a United Kingdom trade marked brand selling its own and European brands. Its sister website is eyeeyedesign.

You can find the following quality fashion brands on our websites:

Why buy from us.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Always available to give advice on sizes strengths and styles. Just ring us on 07984457786.

Free postage on orders over £35 in the UK shipped the same day of purchase worldwide.

We have a no quibbles returns policy.

Our reading glasses are made from quality materials and there should not be a fault but if there is we will replace them at no cost to you.

So come and have a look at our collection


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i need you reading glasses brand of funky reading glasses

I Need You German reading glasses arrive

German reading glasses

German reading glasses arrive!  We are pleased to be able to entice you with this brand of I Need You reading glasses from Hamburg. Men and women  we believe will love this collection . Below you can see the Oxford, Cambridge and Doktor New which are part of the I Need You range. Because they are new to our website we expect that they will sell quickly so you should buy them now!



Cambridge Havana black redaing glasses
Cambridge Tort Black
Cambridge havana matt reading glasses from Germany
               Tortoise Cambridge


oxford tortoise reading glasses
       Tortoise Oxford
oxford anthracite
          Anthracite Oxford
Blue-Blue Doktor New
cool trendy reading glasses
Tort Turquoise Doktor New
 tortoise orange for cool German men and trendy women
Doktor New Tort Orange




funky tortoise german reading glasses
Tortoise Doktor New

















Discreet and stylish reading glasses

Muted colours in matte as well as shiny and a clear shape characterizes the classic but trendy look of our CAMBRIDGE German reading glasses. Because of this it is discreet and very stylish. The high level of this I NEED YOU  is  comfortable to wear because of the practical flex hinges. To keep them always protected we provide a colour-matching soft case. CAMBRIDGE German reading glasses are available in 2 colours tortoise and tortoise and black. Because of the variety of dioptre strengths available you can choose which strength suits you best. The strengths are from + 1.00 dpt. to + 3.00 dpt. in steps of 0.50 dpt


“Limitless enjoyment of reading” with these retro glasses

DOKTOR New is reinterpreted to the  long-standing successful model DOKTOR and it is available in single-colour or two-colour design. These beautiful German reading glasses from I NEED YOU are very comfortable and lightweight because of the thin plastic rim combined with spring hinges. You should choose from 6 exciting and appealing colours. Because DOKTOR New is equipped with a matching soft case it will protection your glasses. Strengths are available  from + 1.00 dpt. to + 3.00 dpt. in steps of 0.5. Because of this you can choose the magnification that feels comfortable.


Discover the OXFORD from I NEED YOU German reading glasses that make a statement. Because these matte plastic frames hold a large lens shape, trendy keyhole bridge and decorative rivet they exude absolute nonchalance. OXFORD has a flexible fit because it has  metal spring hinges and is pleasantly lightweight. OXFORD can be ordered in 2 neutral shades including a case so you should buy them now! Magnification comes in various dioptre strengths and because of this you can chose a strength that suits you. Dioptres are from + 1.00 dpt. to + 3.00 dpt. in steps of 0.5.

Enjoy these stylish glasses from Hamburg.

Check out our sister website funky readers for more great styles of reading glasses

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IZIPIZI the field collection

IZIPIZI the field collection



All of the IZIPIZI reading glasses have a soft touch finish that reminds you of the flesh of a peach.

The lens are aspheric which give a flatter reading experience.

Because the hinges are spring loaded they are flexible and provide a comfort fit to the wearer.


Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith

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