Brand Doubleice UK Stockist

Brand Doubleice UK stockist

As Brand Doubleice UK Stockist let us introduce you to Doubleice and the people behind it. Fashion style quality 3 ways to describe Doubleice.

Doubleice are situated in Treviso in Northern Italy not far from Venice.

It is a brand that has been created by women for women.

We are pleased to be one of the few stockists of this fabulous brand in the UK.


Brand Doubleice- the history.

Established in 2005 by Raffaella Lizambi.

She was an architect with worldwide experience in the fashion and industrial design fields.

 A passion for eyeglasses of which she has an important collection.

In the 80`s Raffaella met Rinaldo, the son of Osalco Montaban.

He was an Italian fighter plane pilot.

Founder of the biggest Italian producer of eyeglass components.

And so technology merged with fashion and Raffaella married Rinaldo.

Over the time it was noticed that the reading glasses worn were always the same.

She saw this as a  surprising trend in an area neglected by the big manufacturers.

Because of this she saw it was a territory to be explored and set out in order to find new solutions.

Raffaella thus produced her first collections.

Inspired by her archives, a treasure chest of styles, eras and models emerged.

The female part of the Monalban family took over and as a result brand Doubleice was born.

This company run by women was now led by daughter Matilde because she had a vision for the future.

Because of this she encapsulated perfectly the past, present and future of an enterprise that boasts unique traditions and know how.


Brand Doubleice today

If you are looking for the WOW factor to put into your eyewear wardrobe this is the brand for you. We would like to introduce to you two of their styles of reading glasses.


Brand Doubleice UK stockist Panthera and Bloom Velvet


The Panthera are anything but funny, but that is maybe the Italian sense of humour.

Be transported to the fashion streets of Milan in these WOW Panthera oversized reading glasses. 

There is no where to hide when wearing them so wear them with a swagger.

Panthera come in 4 fabulous colours.  Turtle , Sage Green, Grey and Violet.

If you like oversized frames or have a larger face  then you should consider buying these.

Frame 150 lens depth 55 and temples 145

Dioptres +1-+3

panthera doubleice sage christmas gift idea greenwomens reading glasses designed by women

doubleice panthera turtle christmas gift idea.Doubleice panthera grey womens glasses from italy

Brand doubleice uk stockist panthera violet reading glasses uk stockist panthera sage green reading glasses green

Brand Doubleice UK stockist.

Bloom Velvet

If you like velvet you are going to love these cool trendy reading glasses.

Bloom Velvet from Doubleice are bright sexy and fun and are designed in Italy for discerning people everywhere so buy them now.

About the glasses

Bloom velvet reading glasses have a wow factor.

Their frames and high gloss temples make them stand out in a crowd.

These are “hello I am here” reading glasses that will turn heads.


The frame size is 140 mm in length,  lenses are 40 mm in depth and temples are 14o mm in length.


These frames are made of  poly carbonate with a velvet finish and the lenses are aspheric and because of this give a flatter lens and a better reading experience than cheaper reading glasses.

Why you should buy them.

This is Italian design and fashion at its best. Velvet  shouts fun and festivity.

The glasses come in a presentation box with a clear zip bag and a textile velvet pouch for easy carrying.

Here are  6 colours you should see so lets take a look.

Doubleice bloom velvet pink peony reading glasses
Pink Peony
Brand doubleice uk stockist bloom black rose velvet women's reading glasses
Black Rose


doubleice bloom red rose italian velvet reading glasses
Red Rose
Brand Doubleice UK stockist
Poppie Red



Brand Doublice UK stockist velvet Ivy designer Italian reading glasses
Bloom Velvet Ivy




brand doubleice uk stockist bloom iris blue velvet reading glasses
Iris blue

Take a look at the Velvet collection where you can buy velvet reading glasses which are smaller framed than the Bloom.


Brand Doubleice UK stockist for more styles look here.


For more great brands take a look at our other website Funkyreaders


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