Izipizi #A discrete reading

Izipizi #A discrete reading glasses are made for the smaller face. Cool and trendy,  izipizi #A discrete come in many colours and 5 strengths for reading. +1-+3

When you place these reading glasses on your face you will notice straight away the comfort fit. This is because the material it is made of is a rubberised plastic. The hinges are spring loaded and stretch to the size of your head. The temples fit snuggly around your ears. The lenses are clear and give a good field of vision.

Dimensions are temple length 145mm, frame length 127mm and lens width 40mm.

You will be very satisfied with these super light weight fashion reading glasses.

Called izipizi #A discrete because that is what they are, individually separate and distinct.

A fashion style that was born in Paris and created by 3 friends from college who didn’t like the eyewear worn by many and sought to put it right.

Here you can see two of the many colours available.

izipizi #A kaki reading glassesi
Blue tortoise












 Izipizi #A discrete reading….why you should buy.

  • If you have a smaller face buy #A
  • you want a discrete pair of reading glasses
  • Is quality important?
  • Good comfortable fitting glasses buy
  • Clear lenses giving a good range of vision.

So why not buy #A  now. Hit the button…..

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