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Readig glasses united kingdomFunky readers European brands

Reading glasses UK

Reading Glasses UK

Reading glasses United Kingdom are for men and women who suffer Long-sightedness. Cool and trendy reading glasses new to the UK can be found here.

The United Kingdom does not tend to manufacture them. It is more the domain of China and Taiwan. The materials used are generally plastic or acetate. The lens type vary. The standard should be an aspheric lens which provides a flatter viewing experience.

Usually different shapes sizes and strengths are available for men and women. When looking at a pair of  glasses you will need to know the length of the frame, temple and lens to find a pair that will fit you.

The second and equally important essential is the strength of magnification that is needed. The dioptres generally go up in 0.5 steps but can be found in 0.25 strengths also.

Retailers in the United Kingdom will stock +1 -+3 magnifications.

To find your reading strength you would be best advised to go and have an eye test at your opticians.

Once that is done the worlds your oyster. Choose your style and colour of cool and trendy readers. Do you have a favourite brand ?

reading glasses united kingdom velvet fashion reading glasses italy
Doubleice Italian fashion reading glasses
reading glasses united kingdom for presbyopia cool and trendy
I Need You German branded reading glasses
reading glasses united kingdom izipizi global brand for men and women
Izipizi unisex reading glasses from Paris

Reading glasses United Kingdom Brands.

Although the UK do not manufacture we do import and have our own Brands.

Funkyreaders is a United Kingdom trade marked brand selling its own and European brands. Its sister website is eyeeyedesign.

You can find the following quality fashion brands on our websites:

Why buy from us.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Always available to give advice on sizes strengths and styles. Just ring us on 07984457786.

Free postage on orders over £35 in the UK shipped the same day of purchase worldwide.

We have a no quibbles returns policy.

Our reading glasses are made from quality materials and there should not be a fault but if there is we will replace them at no cost to you.

So come and have a look at our collection


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Readig glasses united kingdomFunky readers European brands

Funky readers European Brands

Funky Readers European brands of reading glasses bring fashion, style, design and quality to the UK. Because of this Funky Readers sell European brands that are sought after throughout Europe and the world.

So lets look at the brands and what they have to offer.

Funky Readers European Brands.

IZIPIZI and Funky Readers

One of the first brands that Funky readers sought to stock was at Macef a trade fair in Milan. At the time in 2013 the brand was called See-Concept Letmesee. The range had 3 styles #A, #B, #C . Strengths were +1-+3 and there were several vibrant colours to choose from. Funky readers agreed to stock the brand and are proud to still be a partner.

Izipizi brand



The brands popularity grew and a bold decision was made to rebrand to IZIPIZI

Because of this IZIPIZI are now a global brand selling family reading glasses sunglasses and sports eyewear. Buy them here or at Funkyreaders

I Need You and Funky readers

In 1993, I NEED YOU was founded by Sabine and Uwe Gellermann to sell European eyewear. They are a a pair of certified master opticians who set out to create high quality frames, reading glasses, sun glasses and sun readers.

Because of this they are now a global German brand that has been selling reading glasses wholesale for many years. They are known for their quality products and European reading glasses styles so you should buy them.

I Need You reading glasses are for men and women that like funky and fashionable so buy them now. I Need you reading glasses include the popular Doktors and award winner  Hangover reading glasses. So have a look and buy them here. We are pleased that we stock their product and because of this we sell them on this website and our sister website Funkyreaders.

i need you reading glasses brand of funky reading glasses

Doubleice and funky readers

Funky readers were approached by Doubleice. The brand is from Treviso near Venice and because they sell high quality fashion reading glasses and eyewear we were pleased with the invitation. They have a fabulous collection of women’s reading glasses that include the Velvet, Moon, Cocktail and Panthera that are full of sexy sophistication. Because of this take a look at them and buy them now.

Doubleice brand of funky readers

Croon and funky readers

At a trip to Silmo in Paris we met 2 young men from the Netherlands who have produced an exciting new brand of reading glasses. The lenses  of some of the glasses are multifocal and screen protection in one. If that is what you need you should therefore take a look at the Bowie and Butterfly.

The collection include the Churchill. You can imagine him cigar and brandy in hand wearing his European Churchill reading glasses. Have a look you will find a colour to suit.

.Croon Reading glasses

Because we hope we have wetted your appetite browse and then buy from the collections.


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izipizi wears reading glasses

Funky wears reading glasses

Funky wears reading glasses because he is long sighted the optician had told Funky that

he had presbyopia and needed reading glasses

He had never worn reading glasses before but his friends told him that he would look good in reading  glasses and not to worry.

Which reading glasses would Funky choose and where would be buy them from?

A friend had suggested a website that sold branded reading glasses.

“I won`t  wear boring reading glasses”  said Funky.” “I will only wear reading glasses that are stylish and fashionable.”

Having looked on the eyeeyedesign website that had been recommended to him he found the izipizi brand.

” When I first looked for reading glasses I was disappointed but I now have access to a full range of fashion reading glasses in various shapes and colours that are funky, trendy and fun.” said Funky.

Over the weekend Funky bought a whole range of different styles and colours of izipizi reading glasses.


Funky now had a wardrobe of reading glasses from which to choose.

That morning Funky had decided to go to town and dressed in his jeans and t shirt.

Because he was dressing casually he had to decide which reading glasses to wear?

” In my  the opinion” Funky said “reading glasses should be something that you actually like wearing.

That suit the shape of the face and look attractive when worn. 

Because of this they should reflect the image, the look, the fashion and the personality of the wearer. That`s what my reading glasses have to do. ” 

“What will I choose today”


izipizi had named each of the shapes of their reading glasses in alphabetical order.

#A. izipizi  described as small round and discrete reading glasses. 

#B. izipizi had a  rectangular shape. Maybe he might wear these reading glasses to town

#C. izipizi Funky found this shape to have a real retro feel to them. Funky reading glasses.

They were chunky and fun and might go well with his jeans and t shirt.

#D. izipizi thought Funky were iconic and on trend reading glasses. It was one of his favourites.

#E. izipizi  Oversized reading glasses.


What a dilemma so many shapes of reading glasses to choose from but he was glad he had bought them all!


What colour reading glasses would Funky choose?

Funky went to his reading glasses wardrobe where all the reading glasses were stacked neatly with each shape and their respective colours.

” I have to decide what izipizi colour will go with my outfit.” said Funky.  Would it be blue tortoise?

” I like blue tortoise but I think that Kaki green would  also go well with my jeans and t shirt.” Funky mused.

“What a choice I have!”

Do you want to know what izipizi shape and colour Funky would wear to town?

Then be sure to come back and read about his next adventure.


Check out our sister website Funky Readers for a range of European eyewear

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reading glasses united kingdom for presbyopia

Reading glasses UK 2021

Reading glasses UK 2021.

Reading glasses in the UK in 2021 have changed dramatically. The public quite rightly seek fashion style and quality in their reading glasses and eyewear.

Gone are the days of cheap ready readers sold in shops in the UK.

Quality is a big requirement. Glasses need to last longer than a couple of weeks.

We may think of fashion trends in reading glasses in 2021 as being a relatively modern concept but we would be wrong.

It might surprise you to learn that they have a fascinating history going back 2000 years.

I would like to take you over the next few news spots on a journey through those trends to show you how we have arrived today in 2021 with modern fashion reading glasses and eyewear.

In prehistoric times it is said that an eskimo blinded by the glare of the sun on the snow carved an aperture in a piece of bone and strapped it over his eyes.

A eureka moment if ever there was one and sunglasses were invented.

They are a long way from the modern sunglass and sun reader offered by us in our I wear funky range but without that eskimo where would we be?

The first reading glasses owe much to the clergy in the middle ages.

They spent their days in monasteries writing manuscripts.

Now as in those days eyesight would deteriorate around the age of 45.

The first reading glasses were an Italian invention ( wouldn’t you know! ).

A monk called Salvino degli Armati- no not Armani! invented them.

They were rivet spectacles which must have been so uncomfortable unlike the reading glasses of 2021 worn in the UK.

Where to look for Fashion style and quality reading glasses in the UK in 2021

Check out our French brand Izipizi for great styles fashion and colour.

For fashionable women`s Reading glasses in 2021 look no further than Doubleice from Italy and their spectacular Velvet range.

For Men who like practical  the I Need You  hangovers on our sister website Funky readers might be the answer. You can also buy the Clever 2 featured in the image

With  longer temples they will hang around your neck or sit snuggly on your head.

eyeeyedesign reading glasses uk 2021

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reading glasses the funny side.

Reading glasses the funny side.

Reading glasses the funny side

Reading glasses have a funny side to them.

How do you know carrots are good for your eyes?

Because you never see rabbits wearing reading  glasses

The optician just took my glasses from me to repair them. They said they can fix it in 5 minutes.

I can’t see it happening.

Do you know that If Covid 19 has forced you or a loved one to wear a mask with your reading  glasses that you may be entitled to condensation.

An old man went to an eye specialist to get his eyes tested and asked “Doctor, will I be able to read after wearing glasses?”

Yes of course, said the doctor, why not!
“Oh How nice it would be, I have been illiterate for so long”.

On a more serious note

People come to a time in their lives when they can  become longsighted and will have to consider the less than funny option of having to wear reading glasses.

The optician will give you an eye test and examine your eyes for any more serious problems. 

If you need glasses then your prescription will detail your reading dioptre strength.

They usually are in 0.5 increments in strength. Most reading glasses on the market provide strengths from +1 to +3.5

Now you have your strength what do you choose and where do you buy them from?

Ready readers can be found in most shops but tend to be cheap and nasty. If you want something that you want to throw on and off your face then they are fine.

If you want a quality pair of reading glasses then you may have to look further.

There are many types and styles of reading glasses- coolfashiondesigner-funky etc

Decide what you want to wear. You will have to ensure that the frames will fit your face size and shape.

Colour may also be important to you.

We have a large range of reading glasses that are stylish fun and funky to choose from.

Visit our website and browse our collection.

We have a sister site Funkyreaders where you can find more brands of reading glasses for men and women.

Leaving on a funny note : I went into a sandwich shop and asked ” Can I buy a bagel with cream cheese” The shop keeper looked at me and said” No we only take cash”

Ciao for now!


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izipizi #C reading glasses retro and a fshion statement Parisian chic

izipizi #C reading glasses

izipizi #C reading glasses.

izipizi #C reading glasses fashion and style on your face. These retro specs don’t take prisoners.  Add #C to

your reading glasses collection. They are a bold fashion statement.

Measurements and strengths of izipizi #C reading glasses

Frame size 137 mm. Temple 143 mm.

Dioptre strengths +1-+3

Izipizi describe their #C reading glasses  as ” High quality, light weight, comfortable reading glasses:

 flexible arms, rubber texture… essential for everyday life”

Men or women can wear these unisex trendy spectacles.


Colours available

The izipizi brand across the whole of their range have exciting colours to adorn the frames.

You will find the following staple colours to choose from.


Blue tortoise.

This is a very popular colour with its blue speckle tortoiseshell design.

You can wear them for work or play.

With a suit or jeans and a t shirt.

Blue tortoise will take you anywhere and will attract attention to the wearer.



A classic colour that will stand out in these retro ready readers.


You can almost imagine setting sail for sea. This colour will go with any outfit.


Kaki Green

Head for the jungle in this colour. You can almost hear the lions roar!



Red is said to be the new black. Whatever the truth is this colour will make you stand out from the crowd.


Green crystal

Fashion and vogue marry together with this fresh green frame. It will transport you to the countryside!


No collection would be complete without a tortoiseshell. Classic smart and loved by many.

#C chunky trendy fashionable and chic. Parisian creation that will be part of izipizi history for a long time to come. 

Izipizi once SeeConcept have retained one of their original classic shapes. Well done!


Buy izipizi  here!

eyeeyedesign are a izipizi UK stockist

Check out our sister website Funkyreaders for more great brands

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Funky Readers the UK Brand

Funky reading glasses UK


Funky reading glasses UK are sold by trade marked brand Funkyreaders.co.uk 

Funky Reading Glasses UK sold by trade marked UK brand funkyreaders.co.uk.

Brands of funky reading glasses have been sourced from all over the UK and Europe.

Obtaining the Funky Readers  trade mark

A search had to be made to ensure that the proposed trade mark was not being used as a trade mark by anyone else. 

Funky Readers proposed trade mark had to be original and unique and genuine.

An application then had to be submitted to Gov.UK.

The application was carefully scrutinised and a decision was then made.

Funkyreaders.co.uk were awarded a trademark.

What is a trademark

A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others, although trademarks used to identify services are usually called service marks.

Over many years much work was done to establish the Funky Readers brand

Funky readers have sourced Funky Reading glasses from all over UK and Europe.

Martin and judith Cunningham have travelled to trade shows in France and Italy.

Whilst there they have met with many reading glasses companies.

Forged friendships and good business relationships.

Attending at major shows throughout the UK. By way of example Badminton horse trials in May.

Burghley horse trials in September they were able to meet and promote the funky readers brand.


Brands of funky reading glasses UK include:


I Need You 

I Need You have a range of quality funky reading glasses include the popular Hangover and Doktor New

They are modern and stylish fashion reading  glasses for men and women. 

You can BUY I Need You here



Croon are a brand from the Netherlands. Their reading glasses are funky and fashionable. They are made with quality materials and lenses some of which are multifocal.

You can browse the Croon collection and BUY them here


Try Anton retro circular reading glasses.  Berne or Geneva will suit both men and women.




Fashion reading glasses from Italy. Fabulous designs and truly funky colours especially in the Velvet range

Browse Doubleice and BUY here

There are more great brands on the website


Customers trust in the Funky Readers UK brand.

Having  served customers up and down the country at major shows and charity events, customers come specially to meet us.

At shows we are often greeted with ” Funky Readers are Here” we are not just an e-commerce business we go the extra mile.  

Martin and Judith Cunningham pride themselves with providing excellent customer service.

” We are available to advise our customers on style, strength, shape and colour or just to have a chat!”

So if you are looking for reading glasses on the web make sure you buy from Funkyreaders.co.uk we wont let you down.

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izipizi reading glasses 2021

Izipizi reading glasses 2021

Izipizi reading glasses 2021

izipizi reading glasses 2021 come in 7 shapes and many colours. Reading glasses for presbyopia that are fashionable and chic.

Because izipizi are unisex reading glasses they will suit both men and women.

Dioptre strengths +1-+3.

IZIPIZI have this to say about their glasses

“All  izipizi reading glasses are high-quality. lightweight, comfortable reading glasses flexible arms, rubber texture… essential for everyday life.
Give yourself a fashionable edge!””


izipizi reading glasses 2021 come in 7  Shapes

izipizi #A READING. Reading glasses for presbyopia, that have a thin round shape.

A fashionable design. Suitable for people with a smaller face.

Izipizi #B READING. Rectangular reading glasses that are elegant and classic.

Reading glasses that have a fashionable design that is cool and trendy.!

izipizi #C READING: Reading glasses that are stylish, bold, with a square shape.

Unisex with a multitude of colours to choose from.

izipizi #D READING: Iconic round and timeless, best-selling unisex model

Storage pouch included in the box.

Izipizi #E READING:  Glasses  for men and women  Suitable for a larger face.

Because of the trapezium shape they give a fashionable and chic look.

Izipizi #F Reading glasses – Folding pocket reading glasses.

Unisex ready readers with dioptres strengths from +1 to +3.
Ultra-light with a small pouch so you can always have them with you.

Practical and easy to store.


This model complies with the European standards for non-prescription glasses (NF EN 14139) and with the international standards for prescription glasses (IS0 12870).

Izipizi colours are chosen because they reflect the seasonal hues and the fashion trends of 2021.

That is why you will be able to find a colour to go with any outfit no matter what time of the year it is.

So please browse the collection and add some fabulous eyewear to your wardrobe.

Our sister website Funky Readers sell a range of other European eyewear. Why not have a look.


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cool reading glassesyellow honey izipizi reading glasses

Yellow Honey arrives

Yellow honey arrives. A new izipizi colour for spring and summer. The yellow honey is a bright fun colour. We have it in stock in #D the most popular shape. Buy it now


yellow honey izipizi reading glasses

If you like the yellow honey arrives look at the rest of the collection of eyewear

The full range of our izipizi reading glasses can be found on our website.

Funky readers

Our sister website Funky readers sell other European branded eyewear. Take a look  

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eskimo snow shades

Eye wear Fashion History 1

Eye wear Fashion History 1

Where in eye wear fashion history  do you think the first sunglasses came from? If I said they were made out of necessity by an Eskimo what would you say? It should not surprise you really as we experience how they feel every time we go skiing  or have a fall of snow followed by a sunny day.

There was no plastic or acetate in the prehistoric times.Eskimo`s will have hunted with spears made of flint and bone. Imagine the eureka moment! The Eskimo frustrated by the glare from the sun takes a piece of bone he strikes it therefore causing a slit and carving out the marrow he ties it around his face. Suddenly the brightness is dimmed!

Our first sunglasses are created.

eskimo snow shades

Middle Ages Eye wear fashion history

They are a long way from the modern sun glass and sun reader offered by us in our IZIPIZI range but without that Eskimo where would we be?

Where to next? Well our eyes deteriorate rapidly even today. In the middle ages where candlelight was the only medium with which to read in the dark, they deteriorated even faster.

If you were aged 45 or over and were lucky enough to still be alive your eyesight was shot!

The Clergy who lived in the monasteries of the time were therefore particularly effected as they wrote many of the manuscripts often by candle light.

Salvino Degli Armati is said to be the inventor of the first properly made spectacles. These were rivet spectacles made from steel or any pliable metal and held together by rivets. They must have been so uncomfortable to wear. He was a member of the clergy and lived and worked in the monasteries of the day. Well enough history for now. Please check in on our second part when we will once again be looking at the history of eye wear.

eyewear in the middle ages

In the meantime take a look at our sister website Funkyreaders that has a large selection of European reading glasses sunglasses and sun reading glasses . We guarantee they are not made from rivets. They therefore will be more comfortable than Senor Armati`s- no not senor Armani!!

Check in on how things continued to develop.

Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith

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