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funky reading glasses UK

Funky reading glasses UK


Funky reading glasses UK are sold by trade marked brand Funkyreaders.co.uk 

Funky Reading Glasses UK sold by trade marked UK brand funkyreaders.co.uk.

Brands of funky reading glasses have been sourced from all over the UK and Europe.

Obtaining the Funky Readers  trade mark

A search had to be made to ensure that the proposed trade mark was not being used as a trade mark by anyone else. 

Funky Readers proposed trade mark had to be original and unique and genuine.

An application then had to be submitted to Gov.UK.

The application was carefully scrutinised and a decision was then made.

Funkyreaders.co.uk were awarded a trademark.

What is a trademark

A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others, although trademarks used to identify services are usually called service marks.

Over many years much work was done to establish the Funky Readers brand

Funky readers have sourced Funky Reading glasses from all over UK and Europe.

Martin and judith Cunningham have travelled to trade shows in France and Italy.

Whilst there they have met with many reading glasses companies.

Forged friendships and good business relationships.

Attending at major shows throughout the UK. By way of example Badminton horse trials in May.

Burghley horse trials in September they were able to meet and promote the funky readers brand.


Brands of funky reading glasses UK include:


I Need You 

I Need You have a range of quality funky reading glasses include the popular Hangover and Doktor New

They are modern and stylish fashion reading  glasses for men and women. 

You can BUY I Need You here



Croon are a brand from the Netherlands. Their reading glasses are funky and fashionable. They are made with quality materials and lenses some of which are multifocal.

You can browse the Croon collection and BUY them here


Try Anton retro circular reading glasses.  Berne or Geneva will suit both men and women.




Fashion reading glasses from Italy. Fabulous designs and truly funky colours especially in the Velvet range

Browse Doubleice and BUY here

There are more great brands on the website


Customers trust in the Funky Readers UK brand.

Having  served customers up and down the country at major shows and charity events, customers come specially to meet us.

At shows we are often greeted with ” Funky Readers are Here” we are not just an e-commerce business we go the extra mile.  

Martin and Judith Cunningham pride themselves with providing excellent customer service.

” We are available to advise our customers on style, strength, shape and colour or just to have a chat!”

So if you are looking for reading glasses on the web make sure you buy from Funkyreaders.co.uk we wont let you down.

izipizi reading glasses 2021

Izipizi reading glasses 2021

Izipizi reading glasses 2021

izipizi reading glasses 2021 come in 7 shapes and many colours. Reading glasses for presbyopia that are fashionable and chic.

Because izipizi are unisex reading glasses they will suit both men and women.

Dioptre strengths +1-+3.

IZIPIZI have this to say about their glasses

“All  izipizi reading glasses are high-quality. lightweight, comfortable reading glasses flexible arms, rubber texture… essential for everyday life.
Give yourself a fashionable edge!””


izipizi reading glasses 2021 come in 7  Shapes

izipizi #A READING. Reading glasses for presbyopia, that have a thin round shape.

A fashionable design. Suitable for people with a smaller face.

Izipizi #B READING. Rectangular reading glasses that are elegant and classic.

Reading glasses that have a fashionable design that is cool and trendy.!

izipizi #C READING: Reading glasses that are stylish, bold, with a square shape.

Unisex with a multitude of colours to choose from.

izipizi #D READING: Iconic round and timeless, best-selling unisex model

Storage pouch included in the box.

Izipizi #E READING:  Glasses  for men and women  Suitable for a larger face.

Because of the trapezium shape they give a fashionable and chic look.

Izipizi #F Reading glasses – Folding pocket reading glasses.

Unisex ready readers with dioptres strengths from +1 to +3.
Ultra-light with a small pouch so you can always have them with you.

Practical and easy to store.


This model complies with the European standards for non-prescription glasses (NF EN 14139) and with the international standards for prescription glasses (IS0 12870).

Izipizi colours are chosen because they reflect the seasonal hues and the fashion trends of 2021.

That is why you will be able to find a colour to go with any outfit no matter what time of the year it is.

So please browse the collection and add some fabulous eyewear to your wardrobe.

Our sister website Funky Readers sell a range of other European eyewear. Why not have a look.


yellow honey izipizi reading glasses

Yellow Honey arrives

Yellow honey arrives. A new izipizi colour for spring and summer. The yellow honey is a bright fun colour. We have it in stock in #D the most popular shape. Buy it now


yellow honey izipizi reading glasses

If you like the yellow honey arrives look at the rest of the collection of eyewear

The full range of our izipizi reading glasses can be found on our website.

Funky readers

Our sister website Funky readers sell other European branded eyewear. Take a look  

eskimo snow shades

Eye wear Fashion History 1

Eye wear Fashion History 1

Where in eye wear fashion history  do you think the first sunglasses came from? If I said they were made out of necessity by an Eskimo what would you say? It should not surprise you really as we experience how they feel every time we go skiing  or have a fall of snow followed by a sunny day.

There was no plastic or acetate in the prehistoric times.Eskimo`s will have hunted with spears made of flint and bone. Imagine the eureka moment! The Eskimo frustrated by the glare from the sun takes a piece of bone he strikes it therefore causing a slit and carving out the marrow he ties it around his face. Suddenly the brightness is dimmed!

Our first sunglasses are created.

eskimo snow shades

Middle Ages Eye wear fashion history

They are a long way from the modern sun glass and sun reader offered by us in our IZIPIZI range but without that Eskimo where would we be?

Where to next? Well our eyes deteriorate rapidly even today. In the middle ages where candlelight was the only medium with which to read in the dark, they deteriorated even faster.

If you were aged 45 or over and were lucky enough to still be alive your eyesight was shot!

The Clergy who lived in the monasteries of the time were therefore particularly effected as they wrote many of the manuscripts often by candle light.

Salvino Degli Armati is said to be the inventor of the first properly made spectacles. These were rivet spectacles made from steel or any pliable metal and held together by rivets. They must have been so uncomfortable to wear. He was a member of the clergy and lived and worked in the monasteries of the day. Well enough history for now. Please check in on our second part when we will once again be looking at the history of eye wear.

eyewear in the middle ages

In the meantime take a look at our sister website Funkyreaders that has a large selection of European reading glasses sunglasses and sun reading glasses . We guarantee they are not made from rivets. They therefore will be more comfortable than Senor Armati`s- no not senor Armani!!

Check in on how things continued to develop.

Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith

See-Concept becomes IZIPIZI

See-Concept Let Me See

See-Concept Let Me See re branded to IZIPIZI in 2017. People who are looking for See-Concept reading glasses should look here. Nothing has changed except the name.

Conceived in Paris,the shapes and colours that they first started with are still here. Look for them in the IZIPIZI collection. Therefore buy them here!

As original UK stockists of Let Me See now IZIPIZI, we try to stock the full range that is ever growing.

Since the re brand the original #a,#b,#c,#d and#e have now extended to #f, #g, #h and #i.

reading glasses

History of See-Concept Let Me see

Created in 2010. Their secret of success was that they never never stopped innovating and reinventing themselves. They took a leap into the future and changed their name to IZIPIZI. Now they engage with a wider audience. They have developed a benchmark brand which is reflected in our sales around the world.

The See Concept, quality, packaging, colours and energy exist in IZIPIZI in abundance. Nothing has changed except the name.

See-Concept Let Me See is Inventive-Zappy-Ideal-Pulsating-Invigorating-Zingy-Iconic those are just a few words that now describe IZIPIZI.

Next day delivery, FREE POSTAGE in the UK on 2 or more pairs  and a generous returns policy.

#A can be found here.

Navy #A izipizi
See-Concept original colour now #a IZIPIZI

#B is here

Green #B izipizi
See-Concept original colour now#B IZIPIZI

#C look no further


Screen Tortoise #C izipizi
See-Concept original colour now #C IZIPIZI

Those were the 3 original shapes

See the other shapes available here

Lovers of this brand will remember when the team in Paris designed SeeHome. “Reading glasses for seeing close up”. Because they stand in a fixed stand you can use them on your office desk. The Magnification was set at +2.5.

The product also came as a magnet which could be placed on your fridge. The magnification helped with the tiny print on tins and bottles.

The team have come a long way since then.

izipizi spring summer 2021

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 here now!

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 here now!

Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection Spring Summer 2019 has arrived! Azure Blue, Flash Lights, Pink Halo and Yellow Chrome star in this fabulous trend setting range.

reading glasses


Let`s get to know the colours and styles:

Light Azure

Light Azure #D izipizi

Clear blue skies melt into the azure blue of the Mediterranean sea. Be swept away and float in the warmth of summer. Be inspired as the artists and authors were.

Reading glasses that are classic stylish fashionable and fun therefore giving you everything you expect from IZIPIZI.


Flash Lights

Flash lights #D izipizi

Intoxicating cocktail of vibrant citrus and blue colours burst out in these multi coloured frames. They encapsulate all of the colours in the new season Flash Lights IZIPIZI collection in one frame.

Because of the soft colours in the Flash Lights you can wear any number of outfits.

Your face is the most important part of your body therefore wear beautiful eye wear! Be seen, be admired.

Flash Lights will keep you in the spotlight!

Pink Halo

pink halo #D izipizi

A heavenly colour that the angels would be proud to wear. Yes even angels wear IZIPIZI. Designed in Paris sold in Manchester and now worn in Heaven!

A subtle pink. Evening cocktails, a menu before dinner, therefore dress in a soft bright outfit. See clearly in these eye catching reading glasses!

You don`t have to be an angel to wear them so have fun!

Yellow Chrome

yellow chrome #D izipizi

Don`t blame it on the Sunshine, moonlight, good times, blame it on the boogie!

Get on down with IZIPIZI Yellow Chrome. The last but not the least of the four fabulous colours in the IZIPIZI FLASH LIGHTS Collection.

Because of the casual colour wear them with jeans and jumper, in the town or at the coast.

Yellow Chrome #D IZIPIZI will therefore keep you in the Flash Lights throughout the year.


IZIPIZI Flash Lights can be purchased here in the following styles:

Light Azure #A

Light Azure # D

Flashlight #A

Flashlight #D

Pink Halo #D

Yellow Chrome #D


We are an official UK stockist of IZIPIZI and have stocked the full range since 2013. You can find all the styles, shapes and colours here on our website so shop here please! Ciao for now Martin and Judith!!

reading glasses

charity show



As a result of being an official IZIPIZI stockist we sell IZIPIZI products online and furthermore you will find us at shows based in the areas of  London, Manchester, Birmingham and throughout the UK.

Funky readers

Shapes we sell


Tortoise #A izipizi
izipizi shape a discrete


Blue tortoise #B izipizi
izipizi shape b rectangular


Navy #C izipizi
izipizi shape c retro
Navy #D izipizi
izipizi shape d iconic
Black #E izipizi
izipizi shape e trapeze
Red #F izipizi
izipizi shape f folding


Outdoor show season starts around the beginning of March each year because the weather tends to be milder. The season likewise extends until the end of September when the weather becomes a little more inclement.

Christmas shows will start in early October and end in mid December and then shows start again in March.

Most exhibitors will have regular shows that they will attend each year probably because their loyal customer base is situated there.

List of our shows

Here likewise is a list of our shows where you can buy our IZIPIZI products.

  • Crufts
  • Badminton 
  • Harrogate Spring fair
  • Blenheim Flower Show 
  • Wealden Times Summer
  • Great Yorkshire 
  • Royal Berkshire
  • Burghley 
  • Living North Christmas 
  • Wealden Times Christmas 

Charity Fairs

Because we are member of the Charity Fairs association we are invited to attend the AGM each January.

Importantly at the meeting  various charitable organisations are able to select brands to exhibit at their fairs.

Fairs will take place throughout the country and as a result you should find one in your area to attend.

The charity will usually put on an event such as a lunch or dinner and invite selected brands to sell their products there. Exhibitors will almost always pay for a table and more importantly give 10% of their takings to the charity.

You can find us attending such events in 2019 and consequently buy your IZIPIZI products there.

Online purchasing

As a result of our online presence you can buy your favourite IZIPIZI product here.

If you buy them from us we can provide:

  • Izipizi range of styles
  • Limited edition items.
  • Telephone ordering service.
  • Personal shopping by appointment 
  • Same day dispatch (unless we are attending a show)
  • UK and Worldwide delivery.
  • Friendly and helpful advice on the styles
  • No quibbles returns policy

Give us a try

izipizi glasses

Warren Classic Supercar Show

Warren Classic Supercar Show

Set in the grounds of the Warren Estate Funky Readers will be there.

23rd September 10am to 6pm


The Warren classic supercar show will be presenting the Bugatti Chiron a sleek beast of a vehicle.

Nick Masons 250GTO will be there too!

nick mason 250gto

Classic Cars

Over one hundred and twenty classic cars from around the world have been invited.

Concours d`Elegance award.

Veteran vintage and classic cars will be competing over 12 categories to win the coveted award.



See the winning vehicles parade in the main arena before being awarded their prizes.

concours d` elegance


Go shopping  in the vintage village where you can buy quality products from carefully selected luxury brands.

Funky readers

Buy from our range of quality fashion reading glasses and eye wear from across Europe.

Double ice from Venice will be among our range of reading glasses. Buy Bridge and velvet

See the Moon and the Cocktail range.


Velvet blue, Velvet purple and Velvet red will make their debut.

Driving glasses

We sell night time driving glasses. Cut out the glare whilst driving at night.



We are an official UK stockist of this popular world selling brand of reading glasses. Buy them at the show or now on line.


We hope to see you in the shopping village marquee.

Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith

Don`t leave it too late!

Christmas shopping gift ideas

Christmas shopping gift ideas.

Christmas is on everybody`s mind once again.

So therefore what do we buy for our loved ones?

A Christmas gift does not have to be expensive because often the thought is more appreciated than the gift itself.


Gifts for Mum

No matter what you buy for Mum she will always appreciate it. However we like to treat one of the most important people in our lives.

Perfume is always a good buy. What woman does not like perfume?

Fragrances are always a sure fire winner.

How about an alternative present ?

Blue tortoise #D izipizi

If your Mum wears reading glasses then all you have to do is find out what strength she is.

Look on the arm when she is not looking.

It will say +1 or another + number.

You can then surprise her with a pair of our IZIPIZI reading glasses that come in 5 different styles and many colours.

Be careful to get the right shape. Look at our product page for a description and size.

She will love them!

Well that is Mum sorted out!

A gift for Dad.

Dads love to be spoilt therefore spoil them!

Aftershave is nice!

Razors are always useful.

Socks are always good.

A bottle of wine goes down nicely.

Your Dad might like reading in the garden in the sun.

Therefore why not buy him a pair of our fashionable sun reading glasses.

Blue Tortoise #E Sun izipizi

IZIPIZI sun provide 100% UV category 3 sun protection and come in reading strengths from +1 to +3.

As a result your Dad therefore gets sun protection, fashion and a cool look.


Gifts for Grandparents.

Do they always lose their reading glasses?

As a result you should buy them a pair of our colourful fun reading glasses.

Because you have bought them they will not want to lose them.


Select from our full range on the website

Having bought for everybody else why not buy for yourself too.

As a result the family can have a ready reader sun and fun Christmas!

Have yourself an IZIPIZI Christmas and see the New Year in clearly.

Ciao for now

Martin and Judith