Mothers Day Gifts Idea

Mother`s Day Gifts Idea

Well it will soon be Mother`s day and what will we be doing to show how much we love one of the most precious persons in our lives! Well we can send our Mother flowers and buy chocolates or we can do something a little different and buy a pair or two of fashionable reading glasses. Its not too late! Look on the temple of that old pair of readers left on the side board and find the correct strength…or ask your Dad!

We have a wonderful array of Spring colours in our Velvet collection from Doubleice. Just look at the colours here: Fuchsia, Yellow, Pink, and Blue to name a few. Your Mother will love them!

Doubleice Velvet Fuchsia
Fuchsia Velvet reading
Doubleice Velvet Yellow
Yellow velvet reading
pink velvet reading glasses
Pink Velvet
Blue velvet reading glasses
Blue velvet

We also stockist of the Brand IZIPIZI so buy them here and thrill your mum on Mother`s Day

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