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Long arm funky fizz collection

I Wear Funky Fizz Collection

I Wear Funky Fizz Collection.

I Wear Funky Fizz Collection. A new concept in Long arm sunglasses. Summer colours merge with the  modern nouveau design of their long temples therefore providing something original and practical.

The Funky Fizz collection is a new concept in Long arm sunglasses and sun reading glasses from brand I Wear Funky.

Sunnies that will last all summer long. Because the temples are made longer and curve at their ends they  allow you to hang them from your neck or to place firmly on your head when not wearing them.

Funky fizz collection

The Fizz collection colours.

Dive into Spring Summer 2019 with I Wear Funky Fizz and drink in the fabulous taste of fruit cocktail colours.

Start off with Lemon DropA refreshing zingy frame colour with opaque white yellow shaded inner temples. Therefore transport yourself to the Amalfi Coast and start to pick lemons from the trees!

Blue Hawaiian will have you surfing the big waves. With light grey lenses and white blue inner temples they will go with any swim wear or jeans and t-shirt. Wear at the coast or in the city.

Green Lagoon will remind you of the colours of the waters in the cave off the coast of Capri, Translucent and fresh.

Orange Sorbet A real orange fizz to these  sunglasses that would not be out of place in Florida or the Miami Keys. With white light orange temples. Summer will never end in these fab sunglasses.

long arm lemon drop sun reading glasses

Features and sizes of I Wear Funky Fizz

The Fizz Collection all have fab colours and an extra special feature.

The sizes  all in mm:

Frame 140 in length. Depth 40 mm, nose 15mm.

Because the strengths are from +0 to +3.5 therefore giving a range of reading options

Temples are that extra special feature we are all talking about. They are 145 mm in length and curved at the ends therfore allow you to hang them around your neck or place firmly on your head. Because of the length you can pull the frame forward on your nose therefore you can look over the top very easily.

The frames have a soft touch finish therefore providing a comfort fit because of the materials used.

Because the glasses are unisex in shape and colour they can be worn by discerning people of all ages.

Spring and Summer means colour!

Because these are proving so popular make sure you buy these fabulous sunglasses and sun readers before they go! We are the only UK stockist of the brand I WEAR FUNKY and their fabulous FIZZ COLLECTION therefore what are you waiting for..

Priced modestly at £20 therefore buy them now!


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